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‘Monster Storm’ Ciara Set To Strike Britain This Weekend

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‘Monster Storm’ Ciara Set To Strike Britain This Weekend

Storm Ciara is on the brink of creating absolute violent destruction in the U.K. this weekend. Some are comparing Ciara to the Great Storm of 1987.

An area of deadly low-pressure that stretches from Greenland to Scandinavia has the entire country of Britain on a major winter storm alert. As of today, Ciara’s pressure reading is an unsettling 944 millibars. To lend perspective to that low-pressure reading, consider that the Great Storm of 1987 read 952. For cyclonic storms, hurricanes included lower pressure signals harsher, more organized storm conditions.

According to WeatherAction.com’s Piers Corbyn, Storm Ciara’s data all adds up to a disruptive, potentially deadly scenario.

“We are looking at a very severe storm.” Corbyn said.

“The centre of the low is passing to the north of Scotland and currently looks to be lower than the Great Storm of 1987, parts of Scotland could see a similar impact as a result.
“However, the low is much further north than 1987, and these systems tend to be deeper the further north you go, it is also a different time of year.

“That said, there is going to be significant impact across the county with severe gales possible everywhere apart from, maybe, parts of southern England which may escape the worst of the winds.”

storm ciara path

UK weather forecast chart shows Storm Ciara in purple heading towards UK on Saturday at 6pm (Image: WX CHARTS)

storm ciara forecast potential

This chart shows the maximum wind gust on Sunday at 12pm as Storm Ciara hovers over UK (Image: WX CHARTS)

Many forecasts are conveying that Ciara may cause structural damage. Without question, Ciara is a deadly winter storm with all types of unsettling potential for damage and injury to life.

Some parts of Britain may experience wind gusts of up to 90 MPH. The actual epicenter of the storm is pointing towards Scotland, but Britain is expected to take it on the chin.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: “This low will encourage north-westerly winds to come down from the Polar regions bringing cold air into the country next week.

“There is a chance rain will fall as snow, particularly over high ground in the north.”

Ciara is the third named storm in the region this season (Brendan and Atiyah were prior).

Anyone in the path of the storm should expect a potential for flash flooding. It’s a good idea to have your flash flood survival plan in place. However, at the top of that list is avoiding being out in weather and areas that yield potential for such conditions. If you can, stay in and stay safe and allow Storm Ciara to pass.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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