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Study Claims Airline Water Is Disgusting, Contains E. coli

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Study Claims Airline Water Is Disgusting, Contains E. coli

These days, the only remaining “free” good on your flight is water. Water, the most basic human need, hydrates us at high altitudes and in some cases, placates us when nothing else is available. That’s why a recent report citing the most water served on airlines is not safe to drink hurts our hearts.

But alas, facts are facts, right?

A new study claims that water served on airlines is mostly unsafe and often makes passengers sick. DietDetective, the group responsible for the study, investigated 11 prominent airlines before coming to their dire conclusion that airline water is disgusting. The following variables were taken into account in the study:

If an airline scored above three on a scale of 10, that was enough to mark them safe. I think you understand where this sad tale is going.

First, let’s begin with the good news. Alaska Airlines and Allegiant got a 3.3 while Hawaiian Airlines trailed slightly at 3.1.

But popular airlines Spirit and JetBlue turned in a 1. United Express, Delta Connection and American Eagle got a .44. Yep, they couldn’t even muster up a full point.

Let’s add some dark perspective here. Coffee and tea are both made with the airline’s water supply.

What does all this mean? If an airline has a low score, like most do, their water may have E. coli present.

“An aircraft flies to numerous destinations and may pump drinking water into its tanks from various sources at domestic and international locations,” according to the study. “The water quality onboard also depends on the safety of the equipment used to transfer the water, such as water cabinets, trucks, carts and hoses.”

For most of us, learning that airline water is disgusting hardly shocks. But most of us probably hoped for the best. Once you are in the air, it isn’t as if you can just go to the store for a water. When you are thirsty, you probably take chances. But E. coli? That’s some risky hydration right there. While it’s not an exactly fitting prepper situation, it’s always a good reminder to look into one of the best survival water filters available for you and your family. Just sayin’…

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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