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Hitler’s ‘Escape Submarine’ Wreckage Discovered By Danish

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Hitler’s ‘Escape Submarine’ Wreckage Discovered By Danish

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70 years ago, towards the end of WW2, many people believe that Hitler and other high-ranking Nazi officials escaped Germany via a submarine. The theory, or conspiracy theory, depending on whom you speak with, claims that Hitler used a German submarine to flee to South America.

According to Daily Mail, the submarine, specifically called the U-3523, was a high-tech German submarine that had the ability to cruise for extremely long periods of time. The submarine has now been found increasing speculation that Hitler did indeed, escape the furious end to WW2.

There isn’t much debate that the submarine had the ability to make the route from Germany to South America, but what remains in question, and unlikely, according to most historians, is Hitler’s place on the submarine. The submarine was designed strategically to traverse the open seas for extended periods of time.

In 1945, the British claimed they shot the U-3523 submarine down. The only issue with this claim is that the wreckage was never discovered. This led many to believe that the submarine stealthy escaped harboring high-ranking Nazis, Hitler included.

But now the theory has been shot down (pun intended) by Denmark’s Sea War Museum, the locators of the submarine treasure. The wreckage was located in Northern Denmark, near Skagen. That ends up being nine miles just west of the original attack on it.

The Sea War Museum’s director, Gert Normann Andersen, had this to say regarding the find, as well as past conspiracy theories.

Rumour has it that the submarine had great valuables from Germany because it was heading away from Germany even though the war ended.

“I think the rumour developed because U-3523 was a very modern, long-distance U-boat and some Nazis tried to escape with valuables in the last days.

“But the submarine was going to Norway, and not to South America with Nazis and valuables.”

Much of the conspiracy theory involving Hitler’s alleged escape have been propped up by the release of US intelligence documents that were declassified. A particular document of concern involved a claim that Hitler had been spotted by a witness in Argentina roughly a month following the British attack on the German submarine.

“By pre-arranged plan with six top Argentine officials, pack horses were waiting for the group and by daylight all supplies were loaded on the horses and an all-day trip inland toward the foothills of the southern Andes was started,” the document read, churning up at least 80 years of conspiracy theories.

According to Denmark’s Sea War Museum, we can all put some of that to rest. Or can we?


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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