Survival Challenger Given Only Swiss Army Knife

survive with knife

Could you and your trusty survival knife help you survive SHTF? One man attempted to see how he’d fair if left with nothing but his swiss army knife. Even beyond SHTF, could you build a shelter and survive the elements overnight if you were lost on a hike and left with only a survival knife?

The host of the show, ALONE SURVIVAL 24 HOUR CHALLENGE, has no backpack and only the clothes on his back and the Swiss Army Knife Victorinox Forester. This knife is relatively the same as the one featured in our Victorinox Centurion review which we list as one of the best survival knives you can buy.

In fairness, he also has a couple of chocolate bars, good survival clothing, a fire starter, and a clear capacity for survival. Also, in the comments, he admits to being armed when asked how he deals with the threat of wild boars.

Tasked with building a shelter, he makes use of a wealth of rocks in the area. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife has a really capable saw attached which helps him saw twigs and branches to help with the shelter.

survival knife shelter

That’s a pretty hefty dense small tree he cuts down with the Victorinox. It really highlights the capability and deep functionality that such a small survival knife can behold.

Here he uses it to saw down a much thicker tree as part of his process to build a roof for his shelter.

victorinox survival knife

That’s extremely impressive usefulness for any survival knife, much less one that’s as compact as the Victorinox is.

He creates bedding using soft grass that is located just downhill from him. Also, an important note, he chooses to set up his shelter, the place which he will sleep, in a densely forested area. His logic is that the trees will offer protection from the rocks that are above him on the hill.

He uses his firestarter to spark up a nice fire in short time. While he isn’t using it, the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife has a decent fire starter attached to it (in case you are looking into options). However, firestarters can be bought separately and on the cheap.

For survivalists and preppers, this is a really great watch at just 15 minutes in length. We look forward to more of his episodes.

Every prepper should own a solid, reliable survival knife. If you plan to own just one survival knife, I recommend making it one of the best fixed blade knives you can afford. If you can afford multiple knives, you should own a quality fixed blade and a quality folding knife. This will give you the versatility you need to survive a more robust selection of survival scenarios. You should also have survival knives as a part of your bug out bag essentials.

Preparedness is the ultimate form of survival. If you don’t believe in prepping, you’ve most likely fallen victim to your modern bubble. Most civilizations will collapse at some point. Additionally, hiking, a stalled car, or even extended power outages can place any of us into the prepper fast track. Be prepared, learn to competently use your tools, and you will sleep better at night.

Author: Jim Satney

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