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How To Build a Doomsday Medicine Bag For Longterm Survival

Bug Out Bag survival medicines

How To Build a Doomsday Medicine Bag For Longterm Survival

survival medicine listWhen and if doomsday comes, any prepper worth his or her weight in aqua tabs most certainly understands that the pharmaceuticals we might be taking would run out. When the power grid is attacked, don’t expect health insurance companies to call your local pharmacy. And don’t expect your pals at Big Pharma to be hanging out on corners trying to help the peoples. In fact, pharma executives will be long gone, living lavishly in their golden doomsday shelters, watching TV by way of their massive back up generators. The rest of us will be concerned that our medical profiles will expose us to the need for medicines we can’t get. This is why we need to compile a survival medicine list to make our own doomsday medicine chest.

Having a survival medicine list is just common sense for any good prepper. There will be no way, aside from looting, to get these needed medical supplies.

When SHTF, the first thing that will happen is looting. And one of the first types of businesses which will be subject of looting will be pharmacies. Addicts will loot pharmacies, not as a way to stack their survival medicine list, rather as a way to feed their addiction for a few more days, weeks or months while the grid is down. Additionally, pharmaceuticals will have a sudden black market value which will entice people to loot them.

But even if you are the looting type, how long will these medicines last you in terms of survival? You will invariably run out unless the government steps in to “help you.” And as we’ve discussed ad naseum on PrepForThat.com, the government “helping” is typically the government “enslaving.” You need to be able to survive on your own. You need to be able to treat your children’s medical needs. What about grandma? Or a disabled spouse? The scenarios for needing a survival medical list runs extraordinarily deep.

Aside from looting, it is likely the government itself will take over the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Stockpiling Pharmaceuticals Will Not Help You

True preppers understand that simply stockpiling medicine isn’t a likely solution when things turn bad. Conventional medicine will go bad and it could make you a target for newly inspired and desperate outlaws.

While you might understand how to use medicine you take (or give) frequently, what happens with medicine you don’t? Shouldn’t you be prepared for more than just what you know ails you? In a post-apocalyptic world, taking medicine incorrectly could be the difference between living and dying. And you’d need to stock up with medicines you might be unfamiliar with as means to prepare for the future.

Here’s a long list of some items you should strongly consider placing on your survival medicine list in order to build your doomsday medical chest.

First, let’s have a look at the items you can buy and store reasonably.

doomsday medicine chestAqua tabs: You need to be able to purify water for your own safety and livelihood.
Snake bite kit: Under doomsday circumstances, the ER will be non-existent.
Thermometer: Helps you diagnose and treat.
N-95s Masks – Filter the air you breath to prevent illness.
Syringes – Stockpile these.
Nitrile Gloves
Ace Bandages
Eye pads and Eye wash
Dental floss
Baking soda
Epi-Pens (prescription only)
Essential clove bud oil for numbing gums (dental)
Clove oil and Zinc oxide powder (can be used as dental fillings)
Activated Charcoal
Ammonia – Smelling salts, but crush first
Antibiotics –  Colloidal Silver (this stuff is super powerful)
Pain management (back and muscle aches) – Real Time Pain Relief
Long Term Food Supply
– Don’t mess around here, you don’t want to starve.

I would pack coconut oil and take it daily. it’s a great way to keep your brain sharp and less conducive to the potential effects of Alzheimer’s. There are all types of tricks. For example, did you know that laundry detergent can be used to heal wounds? There are lots of Chinese herbs that can help boost your immunity. Sea water mixtures can help offer treatment to tons of medical issues.

There are many health hacks that exist which will allow you to survive a great many ailments. The Doomsday Survival Medicine Chest is a great start for the more advanced prepper who wants to put together a true survival medicine storage. You have to go beyond the basics if you truly want to protect you and your family’s lives and this book certainly helps with that.

survival medicine list book

How Long Can You Survive Without Pharma?

Your own fragility is in part measured by how adaptable you are to a world that is sans pharmaceutical companies supplying the masses. You need to seriously consider how well you’d do if the drug store ceased to exist.

You can’t store “too much” in terms of survival medicines (both holistic or otherwise). You should however, educate yourself in terms of how long those items will last and what the effects of their expiration mean to your using them. That’s just down and dirty prepper knowledge, to be honest.

You should also consider your survival medicine list when putting together your bug out bag list.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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