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Susan Collins Bravely Rejected Bribes To Vote Down Kavanaugh


Susan Collins Bravely Rejected Bribes To Vote Down Kavanaugh

Susan Collins Speaks Her Truth – In Face Of Bribes, Intimidation

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) rejected liberal bribes that were set up in an effort to intimidate her from casting a YES vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The Crowdpac campaign, which was set up by Maine People’s Alliance with the defined purpose of swaying Collin’s vote, ultimately failed.

The Crowdpac, which has now claimed to have raised $2 million, says it will now make good on its threat to use the funds to prop up a Democratic opponent for Collins.

The co-director of Crowdpac, Amy Halsted, said that “This entire process was up to Collins, and today she did the wrong thing.”

Yes, this sounds like a line from Goodfellas.

Nope, its real life in today’s ruthless and somewhat lawless progressive battlefront.

Collins speech is now more patriotic and heroic than we first assumed, considering that as she spoke, she knew of the dark underbelly of liberal politics working diligently to “make good” on threats.

Make no mistake about it, this is a bribe. And bribes aren’t legal.

Back in 2014, Collins won her reelection campaign with 67 percent of the vote. But now mafia-style Crowdfunding entities believe they can oust her and set a precedent for any future non-conformists.

“This vote is a complete betrayal of Maine voters, of the women who have called her offices, and written letters and organized phone banks and attended rallies and told their very deeply painful stories to her and her staff. I think it’s the end of whatever legacy she has worked so hard to achieve as a moderate,” Halsted says. “I don’t think Mainers will forget this vote.”

This isn’t just about Collins, this is about deep state actors ruthlessly directing politicians with bribes that are non-refusal in status. Those politicians who may choose to reject the mafia’s breadcrumbs and support the liberal agenda may be faced with fulfilled threats.

Soros Using Crowdfunding To Launder Bribe Money?

susan collins bribed

Deep State actors could use Crowdfunding to funnel dark money

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Crowdfunding site explode with raised money.

But is this really, Crowdfunding? Or something more nefarious?

It could be possible that deep state actors, such as George Soros, are truly behind the dark money flooding Crowdfunding events such as the one we saw levied against Collins.

Did they really raise $2 million from common Americans, or was this just a Soros money funnel intended to intimidate Collins from her rightful vote?

Are Crowdfunding Bribes Illegal?

Now we get to the meat and potatoes.

Crowdsourcing has certainly been a great thing for society. Crowds have funded new inventions and businesses that never would have stood chance without such platforms to give them an opportunity.

But are they now being used nefariously by political entities? And is that truly legal?

The answer is – it is kind of murky stuff.

One PrepForThat source we spoke to said that “these crowdfunding sites need to be investigated, they are beginning to appear as opportunities to launder money by deep state actors such as George Soros.”

We reached out to Attorney at Law, Joe Pometto, of Pittsburgh’s Pometto Law. Pometto said that the situation certainly seems to warrant further scrutiny.

Here is what he had to say over the matter.

“This is a matter that is certainly worth investigating. Bribery, under many state laws, has a few simple elements.

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For example, in some states, if an individual or entity offers a benefit to a public servant, in exchange for that public servant’s vote or action, such an act would be considered bribery. That act would then be a violation of the criminal law.

The question here is the definition of a “benefit.”

It certainly appears that the Crowdsourcing entity offered Senator Collins a benefit, in exchange for her voting a certain way. If she had voted against Judge Kavanaugh, she would have received the benefit of not having money donated against her. There may be further jurisprudence on this topic, but it certainly appears to be a case that merits further investigation with an eye towards past precedent and future precedent. This is especially true considering that Crowdsourcing is a relatively recent innovation and innovations in the law must follow scientific innovations as they begin to affect society.”

Susan Collins Threatened By Dark Money, Liberal Fake News Polls

The formula is familiar to most of us. Dark money funding political opponents blended harshly with fake polls that threaten to subvert voters.

Now University polls want to proclaim that Collins support has dropped over the past couple of months.

But it is important to consider the thought that most polls, particularly those derived from our Universities, are likely a part of the deep state machine. Public Policy Polling is one of those polls, but PPP is a Democratic polling firm based in Raleigh. They are a pronounced liberal polling establishment. Another poll was run by Suffolk University, which I need not extend on for obvious reasons.

Collins is one of Maine’s most popular politicians in history. Liberal polls subverting voter confidence and elitist, liberal mafias aren’t likely to change that overnight.

The silent majority, you might remember, put Trump in office for a reason. They aren’t being polled. They were out-funded by an established politician in Hillary Clinton.

And they’ll support Collins decision to do the right thing in today’s confirmation.

Susan Collins Sends Message To Deep State During Speech?

Collins speech included a number of points that Americans who value rights and common-sense values connected with. But even more compelling was her attack of well-funded organizations that attempted to savagely ruin Kavanaugh in the minutes following his nomination.

In the early portion of her speech, she touched on the fact that special interest groups attacked Kavanaugh moments after it was announced he’d be the nominee. One of the groups, she so eloquently pointed out, “didn’t even bother to fill in the judge’s name on its pre-written press release.”

She discussed the “vast misrepresentations and outright falsehoods about Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record” spread about by these well-funded special interest groups.

Were Collins allusions to “dark money” her way of firing back at the mafia bribes that were hung over her during her speech?

Susan Collins Did The Right Thing For America

Collins backed our country’s judicial integrity and furiously and bravely repudiated liberal mafia dark money. She didn’t do so without a clear understanding of the online lynching that would come.

Of course, Collins knew the liberal lynch mob would march to her steps and torch her for being a brave, independent woman.

She hasn’t been a popular and successful politician for this many years without knowing exactly how the game is played.

I believe she’ll be re-elected because I believe that most American people embrace integrity.

Susan Collins faced intimidation, bribes, and threats, by terrifying deep state actors. But she chose to speak her truth anyways.

#believewomen (that’s what I always say).

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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