Suspected Bomber May Have Been Registered Democrat In 2016

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The FBI arrested Cesar Sayoc, an Aventura, Florida resident,  on suspicion of mailing bombs to numerous political figures around the Country. For Democrats, Sayoc is the perfect “Trump supporter” profile. He was driving around in a van laden with MAGA stickers. Sayoc posted pictures on social media at several Trump Rallies.

Many of the images of Sayoc are almost caricatures of liberal Trump supporter ideals.

He’s a Republican, also.

But it is possible that Sayoc has not always been a Republican.

It appears that in 2016, Sayoc suddenly changed his voter registration information from Democrat to Republican. This information is derived from Laura Loomer’s Twitter account and sources MyLife.

Conspiracy theories over Sayoc’s involvement are now spreading far and wide. It’s not the position of my website that Sayoc is part of some broader conspiracy to influence the elections, I’m merely reporting the news as it comes in.

Others are noting how clean the van is. Did Sayoc just wash the van prior to the FBI capturing him?

sayoc van

Author: Jim Satney

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