Sweden Continues To RESIST Lockdown as Infections, Deaths DROP

The United States is becoming a hotbed for something other than COVID-19. Instead, lines are being drawn between those who feel a continued shutdown is the only way to fight a virus and those who feel that putting now 17 million people out of work is a crime. Those who subscribe to the latter belief are transfixed on evidence that full lockdowns that strip Americans of their civil liberties are indeed, draconian and unnecessary.

There are no larger working cases than the country of Sweden, which continues to resist stripping its citizens of rights.

As of today, the country has just 77 new deaths and 544 new infections. The 777 new deaths are down from 106 the day prior. The 544 new cases fell sharply from 722 new cases the day prior.

Sweden has a total of 870 deaths and 9,685 infections.

Their resistance to a mostly global embrace of a lockdown has many rethinking the United States’ position on COVID-19. As of yesterday, the new jobs report indicated that near 17 million of our fellow Americans are now without gainful employment.

Below are two graphs taken from Daily Mail which illustrates Sweden’s reported COVID-19 numbers.

sweden coronavirussweden coronavirus

Sweden’s health officials also report that randomized testing samples show that 2.5% of citizens have already been infected. Meaning, they likely break the chain of new COVID-19 infections.

Sweden isn’t getting in line with its European neighbors that have also forced their citizens into longterm shutdowns. But Sweden is conveying instructions to citizens asking them to keep a distance at gyms and sporting events and to self-quarantine at the first indication of illness. Sweden’s COVID-19 formula, so far, is proving effective. And their model is being shared all over the web by supporters who want to see America get back to work. The mainstream media is all but ignoring the Swedens data, instead, opting to remain focused on a need for an indefinite shutdown.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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