Swedish Microchipping Photos Flood Social Media And It’s Insane

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Swedish corporations are now implanting their workers with microchips. Employees are taking to social media and posting the surgical procedure photos.

Swedish medical staff surgically implants the chips into the area between the thumb and index finger. The goal is to offer Swedes more convenience in everyday life. Earlier this month, we reported that U.K. companies are beginning to ask that their employees be microchipped similar to the Swedes.

Many Swedish companies ask employees to voluntarily sign up for a microchip implant. And workers are accepting the offers and volunteering to have the procedures done. Of course, one must consider the ramifications of such “volunteer-based” microchipping. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Swedish Microchip Procedures Pictures Flood Instagram

Sandra Wuerthner posted images of what we assume to be her and her coworkers post-op.

Here’s a medical professional implanting Wuerthner with a microchip.

In this image we can see the microchip protruding from, we suspect, Wuerthner’s skin. (seriously, this is baffling).

Here’s an Instagram post of a Swedish citizen bragging about his XRAY, which exposes his rice-sized microchip.

Microchipping Is Voluntary

Corporations are likely to keep microchipping of employees voluntary, but conspiracy theories continue to grow nevertheless.

The corporation’s protocols, access points, and conveniences will be geared towards chipped employees. But those who don’t feel comfortable with a microchip will experience the same access they normally would.

Author: Jim Satney

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