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Build a Legit Tactical Bug Out Bag In Case Disaster Strikes

Bug Out Bag

Build a Legit Tactical Bug Out Bag In Case Disaster Strikes

A tactical bug out bag could very well save your life. All too often, people living in the western world live mentally detached from the harsh realities of life. We feel that nothing bad could ever happen to us. We see the “third world” as a place we simply can’t relate to and that doesn’t affect us. But the ugly truth has been rearing its ugly head for years now. The 2017 Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and now President, Donald Trump, exposed that the United States and western society in general, has very real threats. Terrorism is on the rise. Weather scenarios are ultimately proving that our infrastructure is fragile. And for many of us, a general distrust of our government certainly plays a role.

Everyone needs a tactical bug out bag

If you don’t know what a bug out bag is, allow me to quickly explain. A bug out

tactical bug out bag

A tactical bug out bag could save your life in an unexpected emergency.

bag is a single bag that you can grab during a bad situation and survive with for at least week or two (or 72 hours). There is lots of controversy over the whole “72 hour bag” being different from that of the “bug out bag,” which some say should be reserved terminology for a bag that helps you survive for weeks. I disagree, though. A bug out bag could be a bag that helps you survive for just hours while you get home for work, or after a car cash in a snowstorm, or for weeks. It is all about HOW YOU BUILD THE BAG.

I’ve created a mega-article that gives you bug out bag essentials you might need. A tactical bug out bag falls into the category of ready to go survival. How quickly could you grab one back pack and run out the door and not look back for two weeks? If your answer is “I couldn’t,” then you need to make some changes in a hurry. I’m not asking you to live in paranoid fashion, I’m asking you to adhere to the laws of preparedness which will ultimately make you less paranoid. The prepared tend to sleep better than the unprepared.

What’s the difference between the Tactical Bug Out Bag and the regular Bug Out Bag?

Not much. The regular bug out bag is designed to help you survive for a week or two. The ambition of the tactical bug out bag is the same. The only difference is how and where the bag may be deployed. Do you live in an urban or rural setting? This could make a difference.

A tactical bug out bag isn’t typically as comfortable because it is a military style bag. It is intended to be used in more rural areas where you might not be exposed to many survivors post-disaster. Additionally, tactical bug out bags are more durable to the elements. In theory, your tactical bug out bag could survive an ongoing hurricane or dust storm.

Additionally, a tactical bug out bag would use the MOLLE system. This is an attachment system universally accepted by a great many tactical product manufacturers. This would give you the ability to attach extra pouches or magazine clips.

A regular bug out bag that’s built more for urban areas uses a camping style back packs.

How To Choose The Best Tactical Bug Out Bag

You are looking for a military style backpack, for starters. So let’s get started.

Tactical Bug Out Bag Space

How much space your tactical bug out bag uses will be your starting point in deciding how to choose a bag. If you have great endurance and don’t take issue with carrying heavy loads, then go for more space. But if you can’t carry heavy loads for long durations, back the space down.

The market is flooded with tactical bug out bag makers. And many use either liters or cubic inches to define the existing bag space. To make this simple and digestible for you, 2500 inches and 40 liters is a good number. When you begin to approach the 5500 inches and 90 liter numbers, you are getting into way too much size. Remember, this bag may be one you carry around for two weeks. I should also note that additional compartments are more about the design of the bag, they don’t count as bag space metrics. So a water compartment holder doesn’t count. This means some tactical bug out bag makers may use design more intelligently, producing a better overall survival bag.

Quick Access

If you can’t access a weapon fast, it is hardly of any use for you in a survival, post-apocalyptic scenario. Additionally, do you really want to completely unpack the bag every night when you decide you want a protein bar? That’s an energy death sentence.

The MOLLE attachments are going to be your friend in this case. The ability to simply clip water to your bag could save space and give you easier access not just to water, but also to a survival knife. Check out my best fixed blade survival knives if you don’t have one yet. You could also opt to use one of those survival bladders to allow you to access water much more conveniently.

The Comfort Of Your Tactical Bug Out Bag

I mean, comfort in this case is much more than a luxury. Its survival. If the bag hurts your shoulders or your back gets sore, you will become depleted of energy and lose some of your survivalist edge.

The shoulder straps of your bug out bag mean the most. This is a fairly obvious statement seeing that you’ve likely worn some type of a backpack in your life. All the weight is going to be held up by the point of the shoulder straps meeting your shoulders. This can cause rubs and burns. It can also cause frustration if the straps slide constantly. Additionally, most bug out bags that bread do so where the shoulder straps meet the bag. If that material is of poor design, that fabric will tear. This isn’t always the end of the bag in general, but it will make the strap that tore feel lose and slide around. That will make hiking a rough go.

If you want to improve comfort, make sure you get a bag that has hip straps. Hip straps will relieve the bug out bag’s pressure from being isolated on the shoulders. Hip straps leverage the weight so that it isn’t just using your shoulders and neck. The difference is extremely noticeable between a backpack with hip straps and one without.

Another benefit to hip straps is that often times, you can carry smaller items in them or on them. They can serve to help carry additional pouches.

You also want top pay attention to the padding in the liner on the back. Every step you take is going to cause the bag’s backside to bump against your backside. Wouldn’t it make sense that the bag’s backside have padding?

Additionally, you should consider that the back pad have air flow. Many will come with perforations that allow your back to breath. This prevents the bag from draining you of more sweat than is needed and stinking up the joint after you do survive.

Zippers freaking matter. I mean, we’ve all been there and had a zipper on our clothing break, right? It happens all the time. It would not be good at all to have your tactical bug out bag’s zipper become compromised. When looking at bug out bags, read the reviews. Look for zipper quality as a testament to the bag’s quality.

Lastly, make sure the bag is water resistant. You shouldn’t need to go diving with your bag, but heavy rain and encountering flowing creeks could be very likely.

Buy A Tactical Bug Out Bag

To start, I’m simply going to link you to the most popular, most affordable, tactical bug out bag on the market which is listed on Amazon (GO HERE). That bag is WITHOUT QUESTION A 72 HOUR BUG OUT BAG. So please note that. It is about the most affordable bag on the market and its nice. It comes fully loaded. It has amazing Amazon reviews. Its a great buy.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.