Massive Coronavirus Cover-Up? Chinese News Potentially Revealed Truth

coronavirus death toll cover up

Some people in China are claiming that the Chinese government is hiding coronavirus death toll statistics. They are offering proof as screen grabs that show coronavirus deaths approaching the 25,000 mark.

Via the largest Chinese online news site Tencent, readers say that death toll statistics flashed higher deaths than are being reported by the government. Some believe the lapses are a way to signal the truth to journalists, while others feel this is an attempt to harm Chinese officials.

Below, you’ll see death toll display at 24,589 (80 times the reported) while infected cases stand at 154,000 (10 times the reported).

coronavirus death toll cover up

According to Chinese officials, the death toll stands at 565 and the infected rate just above 28,000.

This isn’t the first time that Tencent has been the center of coronavirus reporting controversy. Here’s an alleged screengrab back from January 26th, 2020, showing over 2,500 coronavirus deaths.

tencent coronavirus death toll

Footage out of China shows an eerie smog covering the Wuhan as body bags fill makeshift hospitals.

Tencent quickly “fixed” the inflated death toll and infected rate numbers on its coronavirus epidemic tracker. But it isn’t stopping many from believing that the Communist Party in Beijing is covering up death toll numbers. The screengrabs could have been altered, a theory China’s supporters believe.

Coronavirus currently spreads through saliva. Some Chinese officials contend that the illness spreads well before symptoms are experienced. This has many fearing a large-scale pandemic.

The Chinese doctor who warned his country of coronavirus is now infected and fighting for his life.


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