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Texas Fund Raisers Buy ‘Rifle-Proof’ Vests For State Police


Texas Fund Raisers Buy ‘Rifle-Proof’ Vests For State Police

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbot has approved several grants which would disseminate “rifle-resistant” vests to police officers throughout the state. The Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department, and Constable’s office would be the three departments bullet-proof vests. Harris and Constable would receive $3 million in vest grants, while Houston’s larger region would receive $23 million. This would accommodate 450 jurisdictions throughout the state. Yes, the state of Texas is increasing their defense system and they aren’t even sporting the bill for it. Yes, this could be an indicator that our society is nearing a point of civil war.

The new vests will outweigh the typical bullet-proof vests police are used to wearing. The new ones will be resistant to rifle fire, including the AR-15 rifle.  Houston’s Police Department already has 600 vests which they received after a charity event in 2016, the new grants mean at least 3,600 more.

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The acquisition of the more powerful bullet-proof vests stems from the events that surrounded a Black Lives Matter program in July of 2016 where a man driving in an SUV opened fire on officers, killing five. Nine other officers were injured as a result of the events, as were a couple of non-officers.

“There is a serious need for these vests,” Houston Police Officers Union President Joe Gamaldi said to Houston Public Media, “not just for Houston, but across the state. As long as people are armed with high power rifles, we need to be able to have equipment that can stop those and keep our officers safe so that when they do get that active shooter call they can throw that heavy vest on and know that they have that level of protection.”

Unfortunately, our country seems poised to engage in a continued civil war and state officials are realizing that they need to strengthen up their arms. States are actively pursuing ways to help them become better poised in the event of an uprising. States like California are finding more and more creative ways to regulate the sales of ammunition. A gun without any ammo is no longer a useful weapon for self-defense. You don’t have to ban guns to “ban guns.” Texas is beefing up its ability to engage in conflict.

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This article is far from anti-police, we support police around these parts. The police are battling liberal groups like Antifa and BLM who consistently prove they will resort to violence. So long as the citizens have their right to bear arms, we have no issue with giving police officers more ways to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t an indication of potential mass conflict, however. The indicators are strong that our society is on the brink of civil war. Pay attention to the warning signs, be prepared, and sleep easier. You truly never know what’s beyond today’s horizon.

Photo by WEBN-TV

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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