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Houston Journalist Calls Out Media For Lying About School Shootings

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Houston Journalist Calls Out Media For Lying About School Shootings

The aftermath of the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting has led, once again and unsurprisingly, to familiar territory. The entire tragedy has been politicized, mostly by liberals attempting to enforce their morality clause of gun control. Most of their outrage was short-lived due to the Royal wedding airing most of the day following the tragedy, however, they dug in deep up until British elites wasted $40 million dollars of tax payer funds.

Their arguments regarding AR-15s being evil, semi-automatic firearms, guns that fire bullets, and people who obtain guns illegally being stopped by more gun laws, dominated headlines for the evening following the shooting. To back all of this up, many networks and media websites used insanely inaccurate statistics. One claim reported 22 school shootings already this year.

Of course, narrowing your definitions to fit your agenda is common practice if you are someone pushing for a future of gun confiscation.

KHOU11 journalist, Tiffany Craig, took to her network with a piece that absolutely destroyed these statistics. She used, of course, facts, which served to upset the liberal apple cart. Liberals do not enjoy facts.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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