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Tool Logic SL Pro 2 Review

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Tool Logic SL Pro 2 Review

The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 survival knife doubles as both a survival knife and an outdoor knife. Its serrated blade gives it the flexibility to serve as a useful outdoor tool for the woodsman, while it’s signal whistle, LED light and fire starter make it a perfect survival knife.

Tool Logic is the maker of the Logic SL Pro 2. In the 90’s, the company started making a variety of outdoor tools including survival knives. This brand represents a lot of prepper needs. The SL Pro 2 was launched to the public in 2009. It’s been a hit with preppers and outdoorsmen ever since. And rightfully so, this knife is ripe with both quality and versatility.

Let’s have a look at the Tool Logic SL Pro 2 diagnostic

The blade is made of steel. And it is razor sharp. The specific steel is 420 J2. The blade is 3 inches long and serrated. It comes really sharp, but of course, you could increase that sharpness if you like.

There is a signal whistle built into the knife. Be warned, it is really loud, just in case you decide to blast it right out of the box and end up scaring others who are in your home.

You will get belt clip.
It’s a knife you will likely get a lot of use out of the clip with. The belt clip is good quality, so you aren’t getting ripped off. But you could also likely manufacture other ways to carry it.

There is an LED light that is detachable. It requires a 1.5-volt battery; it should be noted. As you can see from the picture, it shines a powerful light that would definitely be useful in the woods at night. Or, if you lost power in your home.

There is a magnesium alloy firestarter.
You can see in the pictures that it is easy to get to, easy to use and works incredibly well.

tool logic pro 2 review

tool logic pro 2 magnesium allow firestarter

The Tool Logic Pro 2 is set in a frame made from Zytel. The liner-style lock allows the knife to be opened rather easily with one hand. This would give it some legitimacy as a self-defense knife if the situation were ever to present itself. With a 3-inch super sharp blade that’s easy to open, one must always be cautious when handling. You would likely use the pocket and belt clip to carry it.

The built in whistle that’s on board is loud. I mean, surprisingly loud. The LED light is bright. It should be noted, the flashlight is a bit weighty so expect that to reflect in the overall weight of the knife. Again, that’s detachable if you prefer to lighten it up. I don’t think its a huge deal, just something you should note. On the opposite side of the Tool Logic Pro 2 is the firestarter.

The magnesium alloy firestarter is really what separates the Tool Logic Pro 2 from a lot of other survival knives. Well, that and the size. The Tool Logic Pro 2 is quite a bit smaller, more compact, than other competitors, giving it a noted edge. The big deal here is that the Tool Logic Pro 2 means no more worrying with a lighter or matches. You can always start a fire with this survival knife…rain, sleet or snow. It offers some protection from the rain, but you don’t want to douse it. The firestarter, if entrenched with water, could fail. Just some food for thought.

The Tool Logic Pro 2 is one of my favorite survival knives on the market. It’s compact, it has more features than most other competitive knives, and it’s super easy to open. I love the fact that it has a high quality LED light, a firestarter, and a safety whistle. It truly is a survival knife to the very definition of the term.

How to buy a Tool Logic Pro 2.

You can buy it here on Amazon, or you can grab it from a local store, pending they have them in stock.

You can also check out our Best Survival Knives Of 2017 for more options. Yes, the Tool Logic Pro 2 is top of the list. Because its awesome.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.