Tropical Storm Jose Forms And Follows Irma

tropical storm jose

The 2017 hurricane season just went from bad, to worse, to even worse. A depression off the coast of Africa just formed into yet another named storm. Tropical Storm Jose looks to follow in the path of a dangerous, life-threatening category 5 Hurricane Irma. The National Hurricane Center officially named Tropical Storm Jose this morning. It is now the 10th named storm of the 2017 hurricane season. (source

Tropical Storm Jose now has 40 mph winds, it is moving NW at 13 mph, and is located roughly 1,500 miles away from the lesser Antilles.

There are no known predictable paths for Tropical Storm Jose, other than to say the same weather patterns fueling Hurricane Irma are in play for Tropical Storm Jose, which could likely become Hurricane Jose in a matter of days as it encounters the same warm waters and very little wind shear as Irma did.

Please see our how to survive a hurricane guide if you are looking to step up your preparations. If you are in an area (Florida, Bahamas, Cuba, St, Kitts) that is immediately threatened by Hurricane Irma, please do not shift your focus in any way. We will monitor the situation with Tropical Storm Jose and let you know as more information becomes available.

For now, Hurricane Irma is posing an extreme risk to life and property as it approaches the Lesser Antilles, Cuba, and then should approach the warm waters just south of Miami, Florida. From there, Irma’s path is questionable. However, many hurricane experts expect Hurricane Irma to make a northerly turn at some point which could potentially devastate a great portion of Florida, a state which is already acting under a state of emergency.

Hurricane prepping is something everyone should do year round if they live near the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. Even if Hurricane Irma does not affect you directly, if you live in any areas that could experience a hurricane, this should serve as a reminder that having hurricane supplies on hand is good prepper practice. Even a tropical storm can be life-threatening, not to mention economically devastating. Always follow the instructions of local officials. If you are advised or forced to evacuate, do so without hesitation. Your life is more important than your goods.

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It is important that you take all warnings seriously. Do not place your life at risk over a situation you can avoid through prepping. There is no reason to be caught off guard. Get prepper gear. Have a bug out bag. Do not attempt to take on mother nature. Having an early evacuation plan can eliminate the potential for being stuck in your car during a massive storm. Know your communities evacuation roads. Remember, last minute evacuations mean being stuck in a lot of traffic. If you can get out early, do so. It will only serve to benefit you.

Author: Jim Satney

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