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Trump’s Popularity Skyrockets Past Obama In Newly Released Poll


Trump’s Popularity Skyrockets Past Obama In Newly Released Poll

A new Presidential poll released by Rasmussen Reports shows Trump as more popular than he was in 2016, despite the media’s daily assault on him and his administration. Additionally woeful news for those endlessly outraged over Trump’s presence, the same poll shows that he’s more popular than Obama was at the same stage of his presidency. Trump’s current poll number is 5 points ahead of Obama’s at the same time.

Many of you might recall that Rasmussen Reports was one of only a few polling services that didn’t blunder on Trump’s Presidential win prediction in 2016 during his often contentious battle with Hillary Clinton.

The poll shows that over 60% of Republicans agree with Trump on his policy agendas and actions. Trump’s average poll placement has been in the middle of the 40s, while Obamas was middle to low 40s.

The poll indicates that Trump has hit the 50% approval rating.  View the poll here.

As you can see, when compared to Obama’s same Presidential timeline, Trump has skyrocketed past the former President who is often considered to be the most popular President of modern times.

trump poll

Rasmussen Reports Poll

Rasmussen Reports used 500 likely voters in their poll, contacting them by telephone.

The absurdity of Trump’s popularity growth is becoming less and less absurd as more people figure out that the media’s contentious relationship with him is likely fueling some unintended likability for him. While many of his policies remain incomplete (tariffs, North Korea, NAFTA, improved border control), what he has accomplished in 18 months has been well-enough to impress likely voters. Additionally, the “Trump economy” rolling full steam ahead and boasting impressive, record-setting GDP numbers has also helped stimulate approval ratings across the country.

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That said, Trump’s presidency approval ratings are largely hinged on all the aforementioned items so if any don’t pan out, re-election becomes a more difficult feat. Tariffs are likely his most compelling risk for failure.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see if both Democrats and popular media sources change directions if Democrats fail to take back the House and Trump’s popularity continues to rise.

The concept of political balance might be going to the wayside if Democrats can’t find some moderate voices to become electable candidates on both the local and Presidential levels. While Trump’s job, so far, has been well and good, no one wants to see one party gain absolute and unrivaled power; that never tends to end well.

One of Trump’s more unique campaign plays is that he’s hardly let up on playing large crowds. While he isn’t on the same campaign rally he was on during the 2016 campaign, he still puts on large-scale rallies that likely help keep him popular.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by IowaPolitics.com

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.