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Trump ‘Touring Chemtrail Plane’ Photos Make Internet Go Nuts


Trump ‘Touring Chemtrail Plane’ Photos Make Internet Go Nuts

Reports are surfacing that President Donald Trump toured a chemtrail plane after images emerged showing the nation’s leader walking through a plane’s passenger portal, which seemed to be lined with wires, tubes and computer systems. The plane certainly looked in little condition to transport passengers between destinations. There are several others shown in the pictures “touring” with him.

Several websites reported that the President was “touring a chemtrail plane,” even going so far as to say that the President vowed to shut down the chemtrail program. However, the initial reports were shown to be false and derived from an entertainment website.

The images, however, are real.

The units inside the plane are said to be water ballast tanks that are used during test flights, as opposed to chemtrail machines. The photograph was taken back in Febuary of this year of Trump touring a new Boeing Dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina. The tanks are said to carry water as opposed to chemicals. They are used to “test safety.”

Though, this hasn’t stopped many from believing the initial reports, which is fueled by the oddity that is the photo.

Geoengineering is real. Trump touring a chemtrail plane doesn’t seem to be.

Watch chemtrails being exposed.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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