Trump Refuses Help For WHO Vaccine Development Efforts

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The United States opted out of helping the World Health Organization pursue any coronavirus vaccines or treatments. This following the U.S. accusing the WHO of helping the Chinese government conceal the depth of coronavirus tragedy.

A spokesman for the US mission said “there will be no US official participation” in any vaccine research or development in coordination with the WHO, according to Reuters.

“We look forward to learning more about this initiative in support of international cooperation to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 as soon as possible.”

The U.S. has also pulled funding from the WHO, at least temporarily, pending an investigation into their Chinese affairs. If China did indeed cover up coronavirus death tolls or other pertinent statistics and proves the WHO helped aid such nefarious efforts, those funds may be permanently pulled. The total amount suspended currently stands at $400 million.

The WHO vaccine development project was initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Macron is hopeful that the United States and WHO can work out their issues and thus allow the U.S. to help the medical cause.

WHO general-director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesys disputes President Trump’s harsh accusations towards the WHO, saying “now is the time for us to be united against a common struggle.”

He said: “When we’re divided, the virus exploits the cracks between us.”

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Author: Jim Satney

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