Tucker Carlson Goes ‘False Flag’ Over Syrian Gas Attack

syria gas attack false flag

Overthrowing Assad is now mainstream fodder for the masses. It is largely the accepted path of resolve for the country of Syria, and as per the usual thought process, the United States needs to be the leading participants in regime change.

The only odd thing, however, is that this whole thing seems reminiscent of past ‘conquer and change’ fodder that was fed to the masses. You know, Lybia, a country now currently living in a barbaric hole of suffering. You know, Iraq, a country that remains in an Islamic religious war.

The recent gas/chemical attack on children and women being played over and over has created a new charge for war. Ironically, this comes just mere days following President Trump’s declaration of pulling the U.S. out of Syria. By this logic, we are to believe that President Assad waited for the convenient opportunity to gas his own people just as the U.S. was about to pull out of his country. Why on earth would he do that?

In six months, Assad would have been free and clear of the most powerful military on earth. He could exact evil on his people with much less grind. Instead, he chose to disrupt the potential for an unoccupied Syria and launch the exact attack he knew the world would condemn and would likely cause the U.S. to extend its military occupation.

While many journalists, both liberal and conservative, are beating the drums of war, one Fox News journalist is asking us to take a step back. Tucker Carlson isn’t buying the party line, instead, he’s asking and pleading for answers to completely reasonable questions.

“With Assad gone, who would run it? Do we have another strongman to install? Or is our hope that a stable democracy will magically appear in the wake of civil war? And who exactly are these “moderate rebels” you hear so much about, the ones we’re supporting? The city where the chemical attack just occurred is mostly controlled by the Army of Islam, a radical group that has called for establishing an Islamic state under sharia law in Syria. We’re supposed to wage a new war on their behalf? Why?”

Do this feels ‘radical’ and ‘conspiracy’ to you? Need I remind you that the President of the United States just had his legal team’s office raided by the FBI. This means every personal transcription made by the President, under client/attorney privilege, is now being read by mid-level FBI personnel. It means the deep state is 100% extracting any and all of our President’s privileged and private information.

If that isn’t enough to shake some sense into you regarding the current state of our “freedom,” it is possible that nothing shall. Carlson’s sentiments are far from “conspiracy driven,” they are based on the exposure of a new reality. President Trump being elected to office has peeled back the layers and allowed us, the citizens, to witness our freedoms being ripped from underneath of us. It is allowing us to see elite power manipulating our very existence through the media.

We aren’t in good times, folks.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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