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Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan Following Her Calling Out Affleck, Weinstein

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Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan Following Her Calling Out Affleck, Weinstein

Actress Rose McGowan is showing proof that her Twitter account has been suspended, only a mere days following her calling out of both Harvey Weinstein for an undisclosed sexual encounter and former Weinstein supporter and pal, Ben Affleck. She charged that Affleck knew of Weinstein’s indiscretions with the actress, but chose to lie about his awareness in his own recent “condemnation” statement on Twitter.

Now, McGowan claims she’s no longer able to spread her message regarding the matter on Twitter. She says they have accused her of “violating their terms.”


Here’s a screencap of the message McGowan says Twitter sent to her verified account.

So what was the violation? Twitter, of course, isn’t telling her. But McGowan may possibly be hinting at what she feels is the cause with this Instagram screencap of her previous Twitter message to Affleck, calling him out for playing naive to his pal Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions towards her.

Mcgowan was one of several women named in a New York Times report that suggested Hollywood elite, Harvey Weinstein, was intertwined in a web of sexual assault (and possibly more egregious acts) with several notable actresses in Hollywood. NBC, as luck might have it, passed on covering the story. Saturday Night Live, who’s skit comedy ferociously played off of Trump’s Hollywood Access Tapes, declined to make any commentary on their pal, Weinstein, instead Loren Michaels excused the actions as “a New York thing.”

This makes Twitter the latest mainstream entity to potentially attempt to protect Hollywood elites amidst harsh allegations in regards to extreme abuses in power. Ben Affleck, who was once considered a Hollywood elite golden boy, is now being dragged through the proverbial mud. At least two tapes have popped up showing Affleck’s potential sexual harassment at play.

One of the tapes shows Affleck groping Hillary Burton on TRL.

Burton reminded Affleck of the tape on Twitter. Affleck immediately issued an apology.

Another Affleck indiscretion immediately followed the Burton fallout on when TMZ posted an old interview from 2004. “They would like the show better if you did it topless, wouldn’t they?” Affleck told a Canadian TV host.

His Good Will Hunting pal, Matt Damon, is being accused of attempting to kill the Harvey Weinstein story that almost went up in 2004. Damon remains staunchly opposed to any idea that he knew of any Weinstein antics, however.

So are the powers that be working against women in Hollywood and siding with Hollywood elites? Twitter truly has little good reason to have suspended Rose, but historically, this is the type of censorship activity the social media giant partakes in. Let us not forget when many liberals publically celebrated Twitter’s permanent suspension of conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos. Funny how slippery slopes work, now isn’t it? This is why you should never celebrate censorship as it eventually works against you. In this case, it is potentially censoring women who claim to have been sexually harassed (possibly more) by a Hollywood elite. Be concerned with censorship consistently, even when it doesn’t reflect your perspective, to protect against egregious acts like we have this morning.

Twitter is likely to cave under liberal pressure as the hours pass. I’d expect them to turn her account back on as Twitter users continue to revolt against the social media giant. It is unlikely that Twitter will want to align with the likes of Weinstein and Affleck as their reputations continue to tumble into dismal waters. But it won’t make up for the fact that they did ban the account while she was speaking on the acts. It continues a theme of media bias and censorship. And it is something we should all fear.

Author: Jim Satney

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