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Eerie UFO Sighting Above Yellowstone Is Freaking The Internet Out


Eerie UFO Sighting Above Yellowstone Is Freaking The Internet Out

A new video claims to show a UFO hovering over Yellowstone National Park and it has set the Internet ablaze. The video lasts for right at 3 total minutes and appears shaky because of course it does. The object appears to dart off into the great unknown after some time. The sighting occurred back in early June but the video is newly released.

Some believe the light figure is simply the sun’s reflection off of rising gases. This is believed to be why Yellowstone is so often ground zero for UFO sightings. Others related the object to a common drone. However, one thing is for sure, no one seems to have a good explanation for what it is. And of course some have tried to say that this footage is altered, though that does not appear to be the case. And that’s reason enough this blurry footage will likely remain the center of controversy.

Yellowstone has been the “epicenter” of news recently due to earthquake swarms. Yellowstone’s tectonic plate situation is always highly scrutinized by those who fear Yellowstone National park could be nearing an eruption. If Yellowstone were to erupt, most portions of the U.S. mainland could be adversely affected by plumes of ash. An eruption of this magnitude could take out power grids, cause loss of sunlight and poison our breathing air. It is yet another reason everyone should prepare their bug out bag essentials.

“This is the highest number of earthquakes at Yellowstone within a single week in the past five years, but is fewer than weekly counts during similar earthquakes swarms in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2010,” scientists recently said in a public statement from last summer regarding the matter.

Scientists also claim that the likelihood of an eruption in the region sits at 1 in 730,000. While that’s nice to hear, science is often incorrect and the ill-prepared will always be the most susceptible to shorter timelines in a post-catastrophe world. Survival depends on your preparation prior to the event. We’ve seen examples of this time and time again, particularly with tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Being a prepper isn’t about being paranoid, it is about accepting the fact that we are a fragile being and our survival depends on our evolved ability to better prepare for disaster.

So what do you all think about the video? Are aliens attempting to contact us in one of our glorious national parks? Is the government covering it up? Or is the sun combining with gaseous air to play tricks on our eyes?

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