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New UK Law to Jail ‘Commenters & Sharers’ of ‘Hate Content’ on Facebook

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New UK Law to Jail ‘Commenters & Sharers’ of ‘Hate Content’ on Facebook

Freedom of speech is a dying right and the longer everyone remains asleep at the wheel, the more rooted in thought police agendas become. As per the usual, taking away our rights is accomplished under the guise of “making us safer.”

A new shining example of just this activity is happening in the U.K. today as new laws to jail people for social media “hate post” is about to pass. The rules, which were pushed forth as a proposition yesterday, would look to jail social media users who act as “trolls” and stir up racial or anti-gay rhetoric. Recommendations for judges and magistrates are “harsh punishments” for those deemed inspiring hateful online rhetoric.

The Sentencing Council claims that this “harsh punishment” should include those who act in “reckless ways” that inspire threads that devolve into hateful environments.

Being guilty of “hate trolling” via “commenting or sharing” would yield a six-month jail sentence. The originator of the content which inspired the “hate trolling” would automatically be jailed for three years, the DailyMail reports.

These incredibly terrible recommendations are now under a three month review.

If you aren’t scared yet, you should be, this is a global leader deeply embedded in Liberalism asserting draconian authoritarian powers. What exactly will define “hate speech” in the future? All posts that aren’t in line with the government’s agendas? Anti-vaccine, pro-gun, anti-open borders, and less taxation would likely be next in line to be determined as “hate speech.”

This would drastically increase the potential risks of social media use for your children. Teenagers commonly have disputes with other classmates, which could now be interpreted as an illegal act.

Anyone supporting such violations to free speech under the guise of increased safety for minorities and gay communities is simply being herded by overreaching ruling classes which get more and more bloated and authoritarian by the day. Remember, the U.K. already disarmed guns from its citizens, they are working on “knife control” now. Government control is deeply embedded in greed, it will never cease unless we stand up to it before its too late.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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