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Police Deploy Thermal Imaging Drone To Enforce Social Distancing

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Police Deploy Thermal Imaging Drone To Enforce Social Distancing

Some statist believe slippery slopes are falsely pitched as a way to protect unnecessary freedoms. But in fact, slippery slopes are very real, as was experienced in the UK over the weekend when drone thermal imaging monitored a non-social distance gathering.

The Greater Manchester Police department released the drone thermal imaging video to the public. The video shows what appears to be a gathering of people in close contact. People were drinking and having fun. After receiving a snitch call regarding the party, police deployed a spy-drone over the parameters of the gathering to capture the imaging proof. The guest of the party realized that police were spying just outside the walls, prompting them to throw objects at them.

uk drone thermal imaging social distancing

Nigel Murphy, Deputy Leader Manchester City Council in Greater Machester, agreed with the spying tactic.

“This was a particularly flagrant breach of Covid-19 restrictions, which are in place to protect everyone in our communities and must be respected. It is only if we all play our part by acting responsibly and doing our bit that we will start to see cases coming down, thus avoiding the risk of further restrictions being brought into force. We welcome this tough action, which serves as a reminder that public health must be our first priority and that selfish breaches of the rules will not be tolerated.” He said.

You can watch the events unfold here:

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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