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UPS Begins Vaccine Delivery Service Later This Year

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UPS Begins Vaccine Delivery Service Later This Year

The United Parcel Service is eyeing the vaccine delivery market, according to new reports. A new service offering would deliver vaccine nurses to the doorsteps of Americans. UPS wants to initiate the vaccine program as a way to help compete with Amazon.com.

UPS plans to test the nurse-dispatch service but isn’t disclosing which vaccines will be offered for delivery.

To help ensure success, the company hired former GlaxoSmithKline PLC Chris Cassidy to head up the vaccine delivery service logistics department.

“Over-the-threshold services is where the world is headed,” Cassidy said, according to Fox Business.

UPS Vaccine Delivery Service Testing Begins Later This Year

The vaccine delivery service testing will begin at a complex that’s nearly 2 million square feet in size. From there, UPS workers will pack and ship vaccines to at least 4,700 UPS franchises. Marken, UPS’s new healthcare logistics company, will coordinate with nurses and deliver the service to the end user. UPS purchased Marken in 2016, an indication that the company plotted the service for years.

Amazon To Lower Prescription Drug Costs

UPS’s vaccine delivery service broadens the company’s reach in the wake of news that Amazon will get into the RX game. Amazon has teamed up with JPMorgan Chase & Co and Berkshire Hathaway as part of its prescription cost lowering initiative.

UPS wants its a piece of the healthcare pie. The vaccine market is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s most thriving verticals. Pharmaceutical companies have backed out of antibiotic research, fearing an inevitable antibiotic collapse. They’ve re-distributed research efforts towards vaccine expansion. UPS enters into a growing market that’s also a media darling. Constant news coverage over measles and chickenpox cases are creating divisive channels across social media networks. Critics of vaccines are being censored on major platforms, including Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook.

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