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US Marshal Gives Warning Of Antifa Planned Attack On Nov 4th


US Marshal Gives Warning Of Antifa Planned Attack On Nov 4th

We first reported on a potential Antifa plot to attack citizens on November 4th civil war back a couple of months ago. Their website seems to indicate that they are preparing for a civil war event. Clearly, this can’t be confirmed, but Google searches have risen as more and more people feel it necessary to prepare for the possibility that Antifa might attempt to destabilize our infrastructure. And if that turns out to be the case, those not prepared to deal with the fall out of a civil unrest event will be in precarious positions.

Antifa Civil War

A US Marshal is proposing that exact sentiment, as well, warning citizens to take Antifa’s rhetoric seriously.

“They are openly fundraising to get the stuff together to attack us….”

He claims that Antifa will target police and first responders initially so as to have a free run at unarmed civilians. Those who are white, or Republican or Libertarian, could be targetted by the terrorist network. He also says that we now live in a time whereas conservatives are living with the threat of being beaten for how they believe. And says that prayer gatherings have been misrepresented by liberal-leaning mainstream media conglomerates.

Homeland security and the FBI issued warnings back in September of the potential for more Antifa attacks. They call them “increasingly confrontational and dangerous.” Antifa isn’t officially recognized as a terrorist group, however, a petition asking for just that accrued over 350k signatures.


How To Prepare For Civil Unrest

The only thing that any of us regular citizens can do, in terms of defending our livelihoods, is to be prepared. A civil unrest or civil war scenario can threaten our lives and businesses. First and foremost, avoid urban areas which may well serve as targets for these terrorists to attack. Terrorists realize that densely populated targets present the most upside for the end-goal of death and mayhem. You also don’t want to be in an urban area where Antifa begins to riot because you may get trapped. In such a scenario, you will be trapped.

If you do end up trapped in your car, attempt to remain calm until paths clear. Try not to antagonize the herd or show fear. Keep your windows closed and have any self-defense measures within reach, but concealed, if at all possible.

Make sure you are armed in your home. I’d strongly recommend reading this SHTF article. While I know such a matter may not be incredibly comfortable, being trained on such a weapon can make all the difference in terms of defending your family. Those who want to strip us of our right to bear arms always disregard possibilities such as Antifa’s latest threat. Armed citizens can easily defend their grounds and make themselves less prime targets for terrorists such as Antifa. The second step in defending yourself (aside from avoiding high-profile areas) is to make your self a less easy target. Groups such as Antifa want roll-over scenarios so they can cast fear across the masses. They don’t want to be shown in a fight.

Remember, terrorists attack the exposed, the weak, and the distracted. A good safety measure for people in everyday life is to not be distracted by our technology, always be paying attention to your surroundings and it is likely that your gut will do the rest. If something does go down, you will likely observe indications prior and that will give you the ability to get you and your family to safety. If you are at work, I still recommend having a bug out bag with you just in case you need to flee.

Remember, it might be difficult to get law enforcement help if they are under siege or preoccupied with various urban riots, this is why you should always be prepared to handle your safety independently. Follow our prepper news site and make sure you get the latest on events that have the potential to compromise your safety and security.

Mainstream media is calling the reports of potential widespread Antifa terrorism to be that of conspiracy theory. Though we aren’t really confirming evidence either way, we are simply stating that you should always be prepared to defend yourself and your property. In this day and age, Antifa has proven they are a brutal, violent group that looks to dismantle and harm our infrastructure, our free speech and the basic tenants of our inherint rights as people. We shouldn’t be shocked if they emerge in violent and chaotic uprisings. And we certainly should not be ill-prepared.

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