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Military Expert Says North Korea War ‘Urgent Threat,’ Expect ‘Horrific Loss Of Life’

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Military Expert Says North Korea War ‘Urgent Threat,’ Expect ‘Horrific Loss Of Life’

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have never been higher, at least in modern times. President Trump has seemingly refused any negotiation with the North and doesn’t seem bothered by the possibility of military engagement.

Well, the possibility of war with North Korea just got a lot more distinct and defined. At the Aspen Security Forum last week, General Joseph Dunford, our current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called North Korea an “urgent threat” and said that America should prepare for war.

“Many people have talked about military options with words like ‘unimaginable. I would probably shift that slightly and say it would be horrific, and it would be a loss of life unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes, and I mean anyone who’s been alive since World War II has never seen the loss of life that could occur if there’s a conflict on the Korean Peninsula. But as I’ve told my counterparts, both friend and foe, it is not unimaginable to have military options to respond to North Korean nuclear capability. What’s unimaginable to me is allowing a capability that would allow a nuclear weapon to land in Denver, Colorado. That’s unimaginable to me. So my job will be to develop military options to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Donald Trump does not believe that Pyongyang has the capability to reach the United States with a missile.

At this stage, Pyongyang does not appear capable of delivering a nuclear weapon on such missiles, but its rapid advancement in the overall weapons systems is deeply worrying to President Donald Trump’s administration. -Politico

The thing is, however, many experts do believe we should expect some sort of military engagement. And not everyone is sold that North Korea can’t attack the states. Just look at what Hawaii is doing in terms of preparing for North Korean attacks. Children are being taught to evacuate and go to safety. Hawaii has set up a public awareness system for the entire state that tells people to “go inside, stay inside, stay tuned.”

That certainly doesn’t seem like a state that is confident they can’t be reached by North Korean missiles, although, being a prepper website, I can tell you we never frown upon preparedness.

A war on the Korean Penisula would almost certainly result in a victory for the South and for the United States, however, the threat of massive casualties looms heavy over the powers that be. Wars with enormous casualty figures are never popular with domestic voters. Technically, the United States never signed a peace treaty with North Korea and so they’ve been at war since 1953. But that’s been mostly years of North Korean taunting. Now, with President Trump in office taking a hard line on them, the reality for the North has grown cold. Japan could endure casualties as well, a more realistic threat the North likely will look to leverage when they fail to reach Hawaii with any sort of ammunition.

Aside from a nuclear missile attack, the threat of an EMP Attack could be a lot more reasonable. An EMP attack is a lot more credible threat to our nation because we really don’t have any solid defense for it. Our power grid is utterly and sadly exposed to the threat. Updating our entire power grid system would take many years and seeing that the EMP attack threat is now, that’s not going to work.

The United States, either way, should actively strive to be prepared. All too often, we watch the news and feel that these threats are too far off to affect our safety. But that’s just not true anymore.


Photo by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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