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Vaccine Protester Missing For 40 Days, Now Feared Dead

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Vaccine Protester Missing For 40 Days, Now Feared Dead

A Chinese vaccine activist has now been missing for 40 days. People close to the situation now fear the worst following acts of Chinese suppression on Chinese people vocal about the severity of the past immunization scandal.

In July, a Chinese vaccine program used a faulty serum. The event prompted a national outcry, as well as an inquisition, into the safety and integrity of government-issued vaccines.

tan hua vaccines

Tan Hua, vaccine protester, pictured.

Tan Hua, a 38-year old activist, now missing, led campaigns against the Chinese government, calling for injury compensations for affected families and policy changes.

The vaccine scandal is China’s worst health scandal since the 2008 baby formula issue. Changsheng Biotechnology sold at least 250,000 defective vaccines.

Tan has a history of vaccine-related grievances against the Chinese government. In 2014, Tan claimed a defective rabies vaccine injured her.

In September, a Tiananmen Square protest resulted in Tan’s arrest. There were nine other protesters who witnessed her detainment, which they allege involved “10 to 20 plainclothes men.”

Fellow protester He Fangmei said “Some 10 or 20 men in plain clothes surrounded us and caught Tan Hua. I was trying to make calls to other activists for help.”

Other protesters found themselves detained as well, but all have been released and accounted for by family members. Tan has not been seen or heard from since the detainment.

Tan reportedly has epilepsy and has sought government compensation over the matter.

Chinese officials fired a slew of Changsheng Biotechnology executives following the scandal. However, its the typical Chinese suppression of free speech over the matter that’s become an eerie, frustrating concern.

Chinese authorities are now plainly refusing to work with citizens over the matter.

There are numerous reports that police are beating protesters into submission.

Fellow campaigner He Fangmei had the following to say according to The Guardian:

“Our group of activists is like a plate of scattered sand. Some have been beaten. Some have been detained. Some are terrified. I will of course keep fighting for my daughter, but to be honest, I have no idea what to do,”

The Chinese vaccine scandal is a shining example of how authoritarianism operates. It further exacerbates the point that giving too much control to government entities under the guise of safety and security will always end poorly.

It is nothing short of reckless to believe that you can trust those in power to make medical decisions for you and your family. Medical choice isn’t a vaccine issue; it’s an issue of choice.

Once the option to choose is gone, it is gone forever, and it won’t stop with a few vaccines.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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