Vegas Cab Driver Releases Video From Mandalay Shooting

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The Internet continues to hone in on the idea that a lone shooter was an impractical scenario in the Las Vegas shooting. But do their theories have any validity? Some folks have gone as far as posting videos that they feel show evidence that a lone shooter couldn’t have carried out such a mass heinous crime. And furthermore, some are suggesting that the powers that be are removing their videos. No, I’m not suggesting that I believe it was a conspiracy, I do however believe it deserves to be seen and rightfully dispelled. I’m not a fan of concealing or subjugating.

Here’s a video from someone who appears to claim to be a cab driver. In the video, you can hear two distinctly different sounds of gunfire happening. The sound disparities, to the common person’s ears, almost sounds as if the distance between the shots is much different. Could this be explained by the differences in directional shooting? In other words, the shooter used two angles to shoot from. Or, is this explained by the use of gun variation? Or something far more sinister? She claims her video was removed.

The below video shows secondary flashes which some assume may be from a second shooter’s gun barrel. What might explain the flashes? Does the video appear to be altered or does the angle mislead us? Or is the flash possibly the result of some other hotel component? On a side note, it is always a good idea to have a bug out bag in your car. You just never know.

The Las Vegas shooting at a country concert has once again reignited a national debate regarding gun control laws. It should, however, be understood that automatic weapons are illegal nationwide. Additionally, altering a semi-automatic to an automatic capacity is illegal. One of these two cases almost has to be involved in this crime. That may suggest that more strict gun laws wouldn’t have been effective in this situation.

Former Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, also went on the gun law attack yesterday, remarking that “Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.”

Hillary Clinton Gun Silencers

Clinton’s comments are disturbing in the sense that they expose her for either not understanding how guns operate or understanding how guns operate and simply choosing to push a narrative anyways. In either case, this is inherently┬áirresponsible. Policy shifts should never be built on pushing misinformation to the masses. And when they are, the validity of said policies should be placed into question. The entire debate is built on misinformation. Yesterday, a series of memes asking to ban automatic guns littered Facebook. Consequently, automatic weapons are illegal nationwide. But that didn’t stop the herd from sharing the images.

It is important for both sides to understand the nature of guns before voting on policies. However, the left might be in a bit of a pickle when it comes to pushing for gun banning agendas. The SCOTUS is more likely to follow the Constitution than ever before and Trump has appointed a record amount of judges all over the country. While the Left has continued to push social justice warrior narratives, the complexity of the United States has ultimately changed without much resistance.

The Las Vegas shooting has shown to be a spark for an extremist liberal movement to politicize and push agenda. Yesterday, a CBS executive was fired for suggesting that she didn’t sympathize with Trump supporters who may have been slain during the Vegas shooting. The Left’s herd mentality has become more and more vile and aggressive as they’ve continued to lose battles in their resistance movement.

Hopefully, we can reach a point where dialogue is less unsanitary in its exchanges. But it still appears we have a very long ways to go.

Author: Jim Satney

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