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Vegas Massacre Survivor’s Car Explodes

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Vegas Massacre Survivor’s Car Explodes

The Las Vegas shooting massacre has been rare in one sense: It has to be the only massacre in modern history that’s offered up more questions than answers weeks after an investigation into the circumstances of the shooting began. While some of this could be explained by poor police work, it seems more and more likely that there is something more nefarious at play.

The evidence supporting the circumstances surrounding the shooting seems to change and morph with each passing day, pushing us further and further away from any potential resolution. As it stands, we remain without motive. Las Vegas, a city that deploys more surveillance than any other city in the world, can’t establish sound clues.

The other day, it was reported, for the first time, that an officer’s gun “accidentally discharged” when they entered the room. How is it possible that such pertinent information was just now discovered, or withheld for such a long amount of time. The event is being pitched as not a big deal, but if that is true, why not disclose the accidental discharge from the start?

There is the story of the smartphone charger that didn’t match any of alleged shooter Stephen Paddock’s devices…until it did.

The FBI was guarding Paddock’s home while it was broken into by a “burglar.” Why, or who? It is difficult to surmise that such an event makes any sense.

And then there is the absurd story of the mysterious woman warning concertgoers of the shooting 45 minutes prior to the massacre occurring.

I’m not saying there is a Vegas conspiracy, I’m saying that at a minimum, there is a massively flawed investigation in our presence. And it is difficult to not think something seems awry when you consider all these “anomalies.” And I also think this justifies scrutiny and any and all related events connected to the Vegas shooting.

And let us not forget about the hotel’s employee, Jesus Campos, just disappearing into thin air and then reappearing with a canned Ellen DeGeneres interview.

Vegas Massacre Survivors And Witnesses Dying Under Odd Circumstances

Kymberley Suchomel, a 28-year-old from Apple Valley, California, died in her sleep.

“Kymberley had epilepsy and she’s always been prone to seizures — she told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures,” Julie Norton said in a news report. “I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

Suchomel survived the shooting unscathed physically, however, her mental post-traumatic stress seemed to overwhelm her.

“I might have escaped unharmed, but I know that I’ve been emotionally and mentally scarred for life.” Suchomel told vvdailypress.

“I’m most definitely in a state of shock and it will take some time for me to get over this,” Suchomel said on Oct. 2.“I haven’t been able to sleep and I still keep hearing the sound of loud pops in my head.”

Suchomel’s grandmother found her dead in her bed. Although it has been said that Suchomel suffered from seizures, no cause of death has been attributed to her passing.

The story of Dennis and Lorraine Carver, two Vegas massacre survivors, is even more absurd. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this couple, who similarly survived the Vegas massacre, died when their car exploded outside of their home. According to Riverside County Fire Department, the couple crashed into a metal gate, which caused their vehicle to go up in flames. It took an hour to extinguish the fire. Dennis Carver shielded wife Lorraine during the gunshots in Vegas.

Things happen. People die in their sleep. Cars crash and the wreckage is devoured by plumes of smoke and ash. But investigations into mass killings to not commonly end in “there was no motive other than an angry white man who owned lots of guns and bump stocks.”

The entire situation seems unlikely to be just a result of poor police work. Mishandling evidence at such an extreme level seems almost unfathomable. It seems that the motive we might should seek is why is this case being handled in such an engimatic, bumbling manner.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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