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Vegas Sheriff Changes Story On Shooting Details Of Security Guard


Vegas Sheriff Changes Story On Shooting Details Of Security Guard

The Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is essentially now admitting that the timeline for the Las Vegas shooting is now questionable, at best. During a press conference, Lombardo admitted that security guard Jesus Campos was shot at 9:59 PM, rather than the earlier stated time of 10:18 PM. This means that gunman Stephen Paddock shot the security guard at Mandalay Bay BEFORE, rather than after, beginning his mass shooting spree on concert attendees.

Watch the video for yourself.

Things get even stranger than this, however, if you can believe such.

Originally, police claimed that Paddock fired 200 rounds at the security guard, but the security guard survived. What?

Paddock shot security guard

Now one has to question: were 200 shots fired before a major massacre and one of the biggest hotels in the world and all its security just missed it? Or is this inaccurate as well, despite the witness accounts? Las Vegas casinos have security everywhere.

Big deal? Well, even mainstream news sources such as the LA Times are questioning Vegas authorities over these absurd mishaps.

It is becoming all too clear that either details of the investigation are being concealed in an effort to paint an official narrative, or there is some extreme incompetence happening in this case. To confuse a pertinent detail, such as a security guard being shot after a shooting spree, rather than before it, suggest that things simply aren’t right with this investigation. Not to mention that the police are using billboards to “attract new leads.”

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