Vegas Terrorist Attack, Airport Shut Down, Massive Casualty Potential

“There was blood everywhere,” one witness said.

Horror has unfolded on the Las Vegas strip as unconfirmed reports of several shooters on the Vegas strip has led to authorities to clear the area and shut down the airport. Some reports say it is the work of one shooter at one location.

According to reports on Twitter, a shooter opened up fire at a Jason Aldean concert at Mandalay Bay. There are reports that several other shooters and various casinos opened up at the same time. Further, some reported snipers shooting outside of windows of Mandalay Bay and one even shooting at the front desk of New York, New York casino.

Las Vegas police are claiming one suspect is down. Several witnesses who were interviewed by media had blood on them.

Information continues to unfold.

Here’s the Las Vegas police scanner.

Author: Jim Satney

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