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Victorinox Centurion Swiss Army Knife Review | Everything You Need To Know…

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Victorinox Centurion Swiss Army Knife Review | Everything You Need To Know…

victorinox centurion reviewSwiss Army knives are one of the most popular types of survival knives on the market. This brand of knife was conceived and built in Ibach, Switzerland, hence the name, “Swiss.” My Victorinox Centurion review will focus on the quality and usefulness, as well as the economics of such a survival knife purchase. It is listed on my best survival knives list.

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The manufacturer is Victorinox AG (clearly). Victorinox is the most popular brand in the world when it comes to multi-tool knife designs. When you hear “swiss army knife” stated, just remember, it was World War 2 American soldiers that came up with that savvy, and now hugely popular, name. In the even that the Victorninox Centurion swiss knife is your first ever swiss army knife consideration, you should know that like all swiss army knives, it possesses an array of slickly implemented tools. And you can see that in the feature image. These knives are complex to the core. And they aren’t for everyone.

This Victorinox Centurion review will show a knife that’s super high quality and a collector of consumer accolades. For me personally, a Centurion Victorinox is an additional knife that I like to add on to my survival knives collection. I wouldn’t want to rely on it as my only survival knife. But that’s just a personal thing and very subjective. Whether you are buying the Victorinox Centurion as your first knife, or in addition to an already robust survival knife collection, the quality and usefulness of this knife is hard to beat.

First and foremost, the Victorinox Centurion is a folding knife. And it has a lot of moving parts that could all contribute to survival situations, as well as just general needs around the home or office.

So let’s start with the Victorinox Centurion’s tool lineup. It has a total of 10 tools. Being that it is a smaller sized knife, 10 tools is clearly an impressive feat and only happens via intelligent design.

There is a large blade. Screwdrivers. A wire stripper. A reamer. Can opener. Bottle opener. Tweezer. Key ring. Toothpick.

The stainless steel blade is 4 inches in length. When you see the knife in pictures, it almost seems nuts to think it is that long. But it is. Victorinox as a company are experts in design, everything almost appears smaller than it is. This is the effect that intelligent compact design has. It is no different than how some smaller cars simply fit more items or passengers in them. It really is a treat to use the Centurion. Another cool function of the blade is that I am able to close it and open it using one hand. This makes it useful as a self-defense knife if such a terrible situation were to occur. I really see no reason that most people couldn’t open and close the Centurion’s blade using one hand with relative ease.

The handle is made of aluminum and covered with an acid resistant type of plastic. And the handle is super comfortable to hold in the hand. There is this soft contour that helps it fit with a really natural feeling. All of the tool components are made from stainless steel. The blades are of amazing quality and sharp out of the box.

In terms of a capacity for safety (yeah, it’s a knife, even though it looks docile, it’s still a blade that can hurt someone) the Victorinox Centurion’s blade, bottle opener and screwdriver have locks to prevent any safety issues from arising. The blade has a pause function when closing it, this isn’t offering up perfect safety, but it certainly helps.

The can opener is probably what you will use most if you cook or camp. And it works like a charm. I really love it. The screwdriver comes in handy. And yes, carry it on your keys and have it with you most of the time, just remember when you go to the airport to remove it and pack it (or leave it at home).

I definitely recommend the Victorinox Centurion knife. You can buy it on Amazon here. It’s super affordable to purchase. The quality and design are some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen on a survival knife. You can also check out these other great survival knives, the Centurion is third down.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.