CORONAVIRUS: China Constructing Massive Hospital, Potential Cases in Texas, Tenn

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The Chinese government is constructing a massive Wuhan hospital for those infected with coronavirus. The hospital, slated for a February 3rd opening, will house 1,000’s of patients. Coronavirus, now a potential pandemic, has led to 35 million people quarantined in China.

The news of a growing China quarantine led many to wonder if China was covering up coronavirus’s real effects. But as of now, all major news networks are reporting a massive quarantine. Furthermore. the virus seems to be spreading beyond China’s borders. The world is now on notice.

Here’s where we are at this hour:

  • Thailand is now confirming 5 cases.
  • Some major United States airports are now screening for coronavirus (here).
  • A Texas A&M student is being treated for suspected coronavirus (source).
  • A Tennessee Tech student is being tested for suspected coronavirus (source).
  • China is constructing a massive hospital to house the infected (video below).
  • Some Chinese citizens are begging for medical supplies to be airlifted into the region (video below).
  • Cases reported in Japan, Korea (source).
  • A New Jersey hospital is dismissing claims that one of their patients has coronavirus (source).
  • Disney is shutting down it’s China theme park over the Lunar Holiday (source). “We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and be in close contact with the local government,” Disney said in a statement on its website and posted across social media. “We will announce the reopening date upon confirmation,” it added.

China’s hospital construction undertaking is nothing short of an engineering wonder.


A Twitter account under Laura J. Mua posted a tearful plea for help. Mua, currently in California, says she was on the phone with her family in Hubei throughout the night. She says some of her family members are doctors and medical professionals working with coronavirus victims. She says that medical supplies such as N95 mask (also found on our prepper SHTF gear list) are running out.

There is no word on which countries may or may not deliver airdrops to the Wuhan region.

As per usual, at the very least, it’s wise to prepare you and your family for a potential pandemic or outbreak. At some point, whether it’s coronavirus or something much more nefarious, it’s going to happen. Chinese citizens pleading for supplies should encourage you to take action now. I recommend you invest in a family survival kit that includes N95 mask (here’s a good one on Amazon).

Author: Jim Satney

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Please visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

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