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Virgin Airlines Kicks ‘Sick Child’ Off Plane, Enraging Parents

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Virgin Airlines Kicks ‘Sick Child’ Off Plane, Enraging Parents

Airlines have been under continued scrutiny for passenger relations over the past year. And yesterday, an incident on a Virgin Atlantic flight in no way served to bridge the gap. A Newport Beach mom named Yvette Kohan claims that her family was kicked off of a flight due to her child showing signs of being sick. She says she was taking her child to the bathroom, holding her son, age 3, in her arms, when she was abruptly asked to exit the flight.

She says that her son commonly suffers from motion sickness, something she says came on as the family was riding to the airport in Maui. She says she herself suffers from bouts of motion sickness as well. Kohan says she’s yet to receive any further explanation regarding the matter from the airline.

“As I’m walking out out the bathroom to hand him to my husband so I could clean myself up. My husband said ‘come on. We have to go. They’re kicking us off the plane,’ ” said Kohan as reported by CBS Los Angeles.

“She was very rude. No compassion. No empathy,” said Kohan regarding her son, Holden, being the source of the flight crew kicking the family off the flight home. “I was trying to clean him up and she was rolling her eyes and wondering why I let him get sick on the floor as if that was purposeful.”

The flight crew claimed it was their duty to remove the child from the flight. But that still hasn’t sat well with Kohan.

“How does someone throwing up automatically mean they get off the plane,” said Kohan. “What if I was pregnant and I was having morning sickness and I threw up. Would you kick me off the flight? They said yes by the way. And I asked them if a small child had been feeding on a bottle and reflux and if they threw up. Would they kick them off? And they said yes they would. I don’t believe that” said Kohan.

Of course, the situation got worse when Virgin told the family they needed to get a doctor’s certificate, forcing the Kohan’s to visit a local and costly emergency room.

The Kohans eventually resolved the matter enough to get home, Virgin also refunded them $800, which was the price of the tickets, but the Kohans, both attorneys, have refused to accept the refund.

Virgin released the following statement regarding the incident.

“Per standard process in the event of a guest medical event, the flight crew on Virgin America Flight 1122 contacted Medlink and they determined that the child needed to be symptom free for two hours before flying. The family was not able to depart on their original flight but were able rebook when their child was feeling better and was symptom free. We take the safety of our guests very seriously and acted out of an abundance of caution.”

So what do you think? Leave us a comment and tell us if you side with the Kohans, or the airline.

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Author: Jim Satney

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