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Washington Post Mocks Trump’s EMP Attack Preparation Executive Order

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Washington Post Mocks Trump’s EMP Attack Preparation Executive Order

When we see the latest images surfacing out of Venezuela following severe consequences of socialist rule, we get a visual post-EMP attack blueprint. If the U.S. is attacked via EMP, the power grid collapses. With no power grid, society falls into its darkest of times. Food and water and communications will be compromised. Once hunger and thirst set in, people will do just about anything to survive. It’s literally SHTF. And if you don’t have a SHTF plan, you’re not going to last long.

Last week, President Trump signed an EMP attack threat executive order. It’s a big deal to national security. Of course, nothing replaces the personal responsibility that comes with having a family EMP attack survival plan. But it would seem unreasonable to scoff at a Presidential national security agenda that responsibly builds up EMP infrastructure survival plans. I mean, we should have an EMP attack defense and survival plan, right?

Not according to the Washington Post, who’s scathing article slams the President’s executive order. It categorizes those of us who believe in the EMP threat as conspiracy theorists. The Jeff Bezos owned publisher has always run counter to any Trump initiative. If Trump cured cancer, the Washington Post would likely argue that cancer is good for climate change.

The article compares Trump’s order to a James Bond “GoldenEye” narrative. It mocks those who worry about the threat, claiming we shouldn’t worry “that much.”

The Wash Po piece does accept that the sun’s EMP threat is real. Therefore, maybe Trump’s executive order could be useful. But truly, what’s the difference in consequences between a North Korean EMP attack and a natural one? If a natural EMP attack occurs, which the Wash Po accepts as a true threat, our enemies would take notice of our failed infrastructure. It would serve up the opportunity to realign global powers. Additionally, roving gangs of militants will use a compromised power grid to rob and kill and enslave.

Last weeks EMP attack jab isn’t the Post’s first rodeo. Back in 2016, the Washington Post wrote a scathing “EMP attack conspiracy” piece. They called the threat of an EMP attack purely “fiction,” back then, as well.

I suppose we should leave our national defense agenda to the Washington Post, a publication that road a fake Russia hoax for two years.

Other publishers aren’t so Trump-bitter that they’ve completely lost touch with reality.

Liberal-leaning The Hill posted an article titled, US Would Be Crippled by an EMP Attack, Which We Pioneered Nearly 60 Years Ago, this past January. In 2017, the New York Post revealed our governments 60-year EMP attack doomsday plan. In 2017, USA Today exposed how unready our national power grid is for an EMP attack (the Wash Po argued that our power grid infrastructure is A-OK!).

Is the Washington Post in such an “orange man bad” state that it doesn’t concern itself with scientific positions? In other words, the only angle taken is the one opposite of Trump. This isn’t a Pro-Trump article, it’s an inquisition into mainstream media’s constant bitter position over anything Trump. Preparing for an EMP attack is basic security detail. Our government and us as individuals should understand the threat and prepare accordingly. You don’t need to build a bunker. There are simple steps that can be taken that improve your survival odds. A little preparation goes a long ways.

In September of 2017, former Navy Seal David Sears discussed the very real threat of an EMP attack by North Korea on Fox News.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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