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Watch actors reading gun control scripts

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Watch actors reading gun control scripts

The mainstream media is hell-bent on disarming law-abiding citizens. They’ve been complicit, along with Hollywood’s liberal elites and grandstanding Democrats, in staging gun control marches that use children as pawns. They’ve misrepresented facts and they’ve indoctrinated the portions of our herd to despise anyone who doesn’t comply with the idea that we will be safer once we disarm our society.

But what happens when good old facts get in the way of the mainstream media’s pretty agenda? When actors are asked to read cold hard facts derived from sources such as the CDC, they seemingly become enlightened. Facts are inconvenient to the liberal agenda that will strip us of our parental rights, our right to bear arms, and our right to speak freely.

Last week, Austen Fletcher’s YouTube channel, which is called Fleccas Talks, asked actors to read gun control facts from a teleprompter. The actors were not given any information regarding the contents of what would appear before them on the teleprompter.

Some of the actors’ reactions were incredible, to say the least.

“Interesting. I haven’t – I just kind of blindly chose a side on the whole issue without really thinking about facts.”

“I mean, I’m gonna be honest. For me, I don’t really, like, go to the main news sources ‘cause a lot of it’s always, like, pushed by an agenda, you know what I mean? So, to get the real facts, you always have to do more research.”

“I mean, it definitely makes me want to do more research about, like, everything that’s happening right now with gun violence.”

Facts simply do not support the liberal narrative that seeks to disarm our society. This is why the mainstream media consistently bends and reshapes information presented to the herd. Whether you want to own a SHTF gun to survive an EMP attack fallout or government tyranny, or a self-defense gun, or a sporting gun, that should be your right.

Modern society is attempting to limit both the first and second amendments. Once stripped of our rights, what is the next move for the government? If history is our teacher, nothing good comes from a society that is disarmed and has limited free speech, just ask holocaust survivors.

We need to be vigilant and defend our rights even in the face of indoctrinated family and friends. Most of the herd is subjected to non-stop media fabrications. Our media is as good as a state-run operation, similar to places such as Iran. They beat the drum the government gives them to beat.

A disarmed society is easy to subjugate. It is the road to forced medicating our kids. It is the path to preserving a ruling class.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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