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Water Utility Companies Caught Covering Up Massive Contamination

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Water Utility Companies Caught Covering Up Massive Contamination

More than 30 million Americans might be drinking toxic public water, according to a stunning new report. The toxicity may cause hormone disruptions that lead to birth defects and premature births. An Environmental Working Group compiled the data for the report that targets water utility companies for potentially scamming the system.

Scientists claim in the report that the water is allegedly contaminated with atrazine. Atrazine, an endocrine, disrupts the female reproductive system which can cause premature births and birth defects.

Water Utility Companies Hiding Truth

Things get worse from here… (as if drinking contaminated water isn’t already bad enough).

The report suggests that water utility companies are concealing the water toxicity levels as a way to avoid regulatory disdain. Local water utility companies intentionally fail to report “spikes” in the presence of herbicides in the water. The increase in pesticides found in drinking water correlates strongly with the farming season. Farmers use pesticides seasonally to protect crops from weeds.

EPA Atrazine

Water utility companies are scamming the EPA’s atrazine testing requirements.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) oversees water utility companies who file annual drinking water contamination reports.

And this is the trick.

Water utility companies are duping the EPA by way of their own regulations.

The annual reporting aspect allows water utility companies to slyly hide pesticide surges in drinking water.

The water utility companies take a pass on measuring contamination levels during the farming seasons. In other words, water utility companies take advantage of the EPA’s lack of time testing standards. So the water utility companies take a pass on testing during high contamination times.

So when the water utility companies submit annual reports sans the toxicity levels.

The authors of the report allege that 70% of water utility companies partake in such nefarious testing procedures.

Olga Naidenko, a senior science advisor for the Environmental Working Group who compiled the report, told RT.com that water utility companies are covering up illegal atrazine levels.

Midwestern Corn Farmers Commonly Use Atrazine As a Weed Killer.

Last year, the EPA showed atrazine spikes at 22 ppb in Evansville, Illinois and 16 ppb in Piqua, Ohio. The EPA’s legal acceptable atrazine standard is 3 ppb. Kansas and Texas the two highest states with atrazine contaminated drinking water. Water utility companies, nor the EPA, are under any obligation to inform residents of atrazine surges in their drinking water.

atrazine drinking water

Atrazine Studies Reveal Serious Potential Dangers For Human Health

A 2011 French study linked atrazine to small head circumference in babies.

Atrazine manufacturer Syngenta settled a large class-action lawsuit regarding drinking water contamination in Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois to the tune of just over $100 million. A 2010 study found that atrazine caused “complete feminization and castration” in male African clawed frogs.

Just so we are clear, a study shows atrazine turning male frogs into female frogs.

The European Union doesn’t permit the use of the chemical.

Water Utility Scamming Data Is Worst Case

We can talk all the studies we like. We can debate the need for weed killers versus the risk of human health. All sides can make a rational case. Unaffordable food is incredibly dangerous to human health, also. The coin has two sides.

But we should never accept corporations, government agencies, or politicians intentionally gaming our system. Elitist entities scamming data is the enemy. Its the most urgent threat to our health and safety.

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