West Virginia Breaks State’s Homeschool Laws, Forcing Legal Action

homeschool west virginia

West Virginia school officials are under fire after sending a letter to homeschool parents that parents claim breaks the law.

Attorney Mike Donnelly says that school officials sent letters to parents demanding information to be submitted by a set deadline. Donnelly is arguing that West Virginia’s law was ammended in 2016 to disallow such actions on the part of schools.

“This particular school board,” Donnelly told OneNewsNow, “was demanding that families submit an application – they submit information by a particular deadline, none of which is required and all of which was changed by the new law.”

The schools which sent out the letters are located in Wirt County. Wirt is one of the lowest population counties in the state of West Virginia.

Donnelly is a part of the Home School Legal Defense Association and commonly represents parents in similar cases all throughout the nation. Homeschool laws differ throughout the United States, often confusing parents and sometimes, school officials.

Parents are always encouraged to read our how to homeschool guide and other pertinent sources, such as HSLDA, before embarking on a homeschool journey.


Author: Jim Satney

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