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While Omarosa Happens, Travesty Unfolds In Florida

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While Omarosa Happens, Travesty Unfolds In Florida

Omarosa, a former reality TV star, who Trump ineptly hired as White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, is super important.

Just ask the media who have now covered Omarosa’s nuclear, scorched earth, I was fired and I’m really pissed, please buy my salacious book, at least 100 times more than its covered other real, life-impacting narratives.

A reality start villain had an exclusive interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie interviewed Omarosa where she claims she was “imprisoned” by Trump staffers.

White House press corps are occupying/wasting airtime over Omarosa, essentially anointing her as the new Stormy Daniels. The media and liberals truly know how to pick their leaders.

But what makes this and all the past narratives that were used as anti-Trump spectacles so bad is that the American public, in general, misses real news. Issues that matter are swept under the rug so that Omarosa or some irrelevant adult star can take center stage in lashing out at President Trump.

Florida is in crisis. But unfortunately for the media and liberals, the toxic, devastating algae blooms that are destroying the entire state’s ecosystem can’t be blamed on Trump. So it isn’t covered.

Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency, Florida’s vital tourism industry is in the toilet, and images of dead marine life washing up all over beaches is now commonplace.

But Omarosa. An essential narrative to our nation, Omarosa.

The Florida algae bloom is a complicated crisis, I’ve covered that here, but that’s not the reason the media’s elected to avoid the subject nearly entirely. They can’t pin it on Trump.

Yesterday, a New Mexico Judge allowed accused child abusers who were running a terrorist camp where a dead kid’s body was discovered. Where is that news?

Yes, major networks are covering these events, but Omarosa’s coverage is massively larger in scale. Almost every major morning show has featured enormous dedicated coverage to Omarosa.

If you think I’m being overdramatic, let’s have a look at CNN’s website this morning. Here’s a screencap from every story located above the fold.

Wildfires got included, I suppose CNN deserves a pat on the back.

However, the featured spot is occupied by Omarosa. The far right column titled “Today In Politics” is featuring only stories related myopically to Trump hatred.

Are you telling me every pertinent political story in the world is anti-Trump in nature? Even if you despise Trump, isn’t it possible that another political narrative, anywhere in the great big world, exists?

Here’s our esteemed White House Press Corps.

Here is Florida.

This situation isn’t all on the media, the public at large clearly plays a critical role in what these mainstream media outlets cover. If no one were reading or watching the Omarosa coverage, these outlets would cease the coverage. It’s as simple as that. Without views, the ad revenue tanks, so the media outlets must switch gears.

But the herd is trained to await their daily dose of “Trump is horrible” news. They use the coverage to validate their “I am right, Trump is evil” mindsets.

They share the links and articles as a way to virtue signal and insult all those who view their social feeds who don’t agree with them.

Omarosa, like the adult star before her, is social proof to the herd that they have been right all along.

Omarosa is the final nail in the coffin that is the Trump Presidency (if only it weren’t for all those nails lined up that will also be ‘final nails’).

Child abusers and terrorists free in New Mexico, ecosystems collapsing, are simply not as relevant to the cause of self-indulgence, narcissism, and the need to prove rightness.

The question that’s truly intriguing in all of this is, what would the media do without anti-Trump narratives?

That’s the thing; they’d move on to new salacious, inventive means to outrage the herd.

The media isn’t going to just throw revenue away because Trump’s living in a Connecticut retreat guarded by Secret Service, sans his Twitter account. The media would hone in on new outrage-oriented narratives and train the herd to follow along.

None of this media disaster ends with Trump. Because the fact is, it didn’t begin with Trump.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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