VIDEO: Virginia Sinkhole Swallows Car While Bystanders Watch In Shock

sinkhole car virginia

A car in Virginia got swallowed up by a massive sinkhole. The sinkhole video, captured by bystanders, is as impressive as it is terrifying. As the sinkhole quite literally, eats the car, bystanders scream and shout in full panic. The sinkhole destroyed the car, which was left in a mush of dirt and concrete nearly 20-feet below the ground. A portion of the road remained, but seemingly by a thread.

It will likely take the work of a crane to free the pieces, though I’m not sure the owner cares to have them back. This is catastrophic damage.

The cause of the Woodbridge, Virginia sinkhole is likely the result of heavy rains. The northeast has been experiencing pounding rain over the past 30 days. On the night of the sinkhole event, the rain was exceptionally heavy. The rain likely inundated the ground, compromising pipage, and triggered the massive sinkhole to implode. VDOT claims the pipe “just blew up.”

Whatever the case, the sights and sounds sure are unsettling.

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The Virginia sinkhole video is below.

Sinkholes can be deadly and worse more, they are difficult to predict. Many sinkholes are caused by man, but some are a result of heavy rains. There isn’t much that property owners can do to assess their sinkhole risks. But its important to always be aware of massive water leaks, for example, those deriving from fire hydrants. Unnatural flows of water are a recipe for sinkholes.

Author: Jim Satney

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