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Woody Harrelson Backs 5G Coronavirus Theory

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Woody Harrelson Backs 5G Coronavirus Theory

Actor Woody Harrelson is taking heat after sharing a controversial theory that links 5G wireless technology to coronavirus. The new theory, which continues to grow in popularity, posits that 5G radiation waves break down our immune systems, allowing COVID-19 to increase it’s potential damage to our health. Other theories propose that 5G radiation causes coronavirus to replicate, thereby increasing the density of positive cases around the globe. We’ve reported on the growing concern over5G health risks in the past.

Wuhan, China is the country’s first major city to install 5G towers. Hence, how the theory was born into social media culture.

Harrelson is among a growing number of celebrities, including rapper M.I.A, to share an article titled, “Role of 5G in the Coronavirus Epidemic in Wuhan China.”

“A lot of my friends have been talking about the negative effects of 5G ,” Harrelson wrote on Instagram. “My friend camilla seems [sic] this to me today and though I haven’t fully vetted it I find it very interesting.”

Harrelson deleted the Instagram following mainstream media backlash. M.I.A, not so much.


In Britain, Vodafone’s towers were attacked, likely by groups who believe in the 5G – COVID-19 theory.

Author: Jim Satney

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Please visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

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