China Mass ‘Burning Coronavirus Bodies’ As ‘Death Fog’ Engulfs Wuhan

wuhan coronavirus burning bodies

The potential incoming pandemic that is coronavirus isn’t letting up as of this morning. In fact, according to new reports, the situation in Wuhan, China may well be much worse than the world understands.

New videos show a dense fog overtaking the city of Wuhan. Some believe this fog the result of crematoriums burning coronavirus dead bodies.

There are several videos that some believe to be bodies burning.

When it comes to pandemic survival, these videos should prompt you to take action and make sure you have your preppers’ SHTF list fully in-tact.

As China’s coronavirus death toll has risen, Communist Party officials have ordered strict methods in handling dead bodies. Funerals and burials alike have been banned. Combine this with the fact that Wuhan’s air pollution has been higher than normal for this time of year, people are now beginning to believe that coronavirus bodies are being burned.

coronavirus bodies burned

Communist officials aren’t admitting that they are burning coronavirus dead bodies, but they also arrested a whistleblower for filming inside of Wuhan’s hospital.

“There are so many dead people,” the cameraman says. “He’s moving bodies here.”

coronavirus whistleblower

Fang Bin’s arrest as a whistleblower increases scrutiny over what’s the reality in coronavirus ridden China. Is the government covering up a worse situation than we realize?

If they are burning bodies, it’s likely one part of many moving parts in a large-scale cover-up.

The best thing you and your family can do is to prepare. If not coronavirus, another outbreak or pandemic will happen. History tells us this. If we aren’t awake to such reality, we will have a difficult time surviving when it does hit.

Author: Jim Satney

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