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Wuhan Whistleblower: ‘In This EVIL SOCIETY, I Can No Longer Keep My Mouth Shut’

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Wuhan Whistleblower: ‘In This EVIL SOCIETY, I Can No Longer Keep My Mouth Shut’

There’s a big debate happening right before our very eyes. A sector of our society wants to introduce socialism. One of the Democratic Presidential front-runners, who’s rabid followers prop up massive rallies, is a proud socialist.

But socialism always fails.

A woman in communist China has a warning for the world. In a video posted on Twitter, the nameless woman pleas with the world to understand the “evil society” which now houses a swelling coronavirus outbreak. She explains that only ‘normal citizens’ are affected. She details what happens to those who speak out (a likely sad scenario for her). She explains that medicine and hospital visits aren’t available to citizens.

Should we ‘believe women?’ Should American companies take action and pull out of business relationships with China? Remember, in the United States, a mere allegation by a woman can cause companies to make drastic changes. When the Chinese government, or their citizen lackies, come for her, she’ll be unarmed.

Below I’ve transcribed a large portion of her video. The video is posted below.

My fellow citizens,

This pneumonia virus in Wuhan, everything happened with schemes and plans from the government.

However, only normal citizens are suffering from this disease.

My family, my parents, my friends.

Government doesn’t care about us normal citizens.

We can’t buy medicine with money, we can’t go into the hospital room with money.

And Hong Kong, I support your independence.

I also support Taiwan’s independence.

The evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party – A corrupt regime – an evil society.

Not a single person can speak freely.

There’s no one. If anyone speaks about truth, they’ll be caught by the police.

Lawyers are useless….

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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