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Yellowstone Earthquake Swarms Have Some Worried

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Yellowstone Earthquake Swarms Have Some Worried

Before we dive into the information, it is important to understand that earthquakes are not predictable. It is also important to understand that earthquakes happen all the time in Yellowstone and there isn’t cold science suggesting that they are a precursor to Yellowstone blowing her proverbial volcanic top. For many people, they believe that reporting on Yellowstone earthquake swarms are somehow fear mongering. If you are one of those people, I’d kindly exit stage right now before the deeper dive of this article. The fact is, when Yellowstone earthquake swarms deviate from the normal, we preppers much consider the potential consequences. The same science that doesn’t support Yellowstone earthquake swarms relating to the potential for impending volcanic activity also does not rule it out. Earthquakes have been known to serve as precursors for volcano eruptions. The newest earthquake swarms could indicate an eruption at Yellowstone is coming. As a prepper, you have to consider the volatility of this region. However, the current earthquakes don’t seem to have enough power in them to prompt the release of magma chambers, aka a Yellowstone eruption.

Recently, Yellowstone National Park got seismically active beyond the normal scale. There have now been 2,357 since June. The number of earthquakes is approaching a new record. Newsweek writes that these earthquakes are all 0-1 on the Richter scale.

Yellowstone has thousands of quakes throughout the year, every year. But these new clusters and swarms seem to be off the typical Yellowstone earthquake pace. Earthquake swarms are a more unusual happening and a hint at something abnormal lurking below the earth. In 1985, there was a 3-month stretch that hosted over 3,000 tremor events. I suppose we can take solace in the fact that Yellowstone didn’t blow her top then, so hopefully, she doesn’t now.

For an earthquake to prompt a massive volcano, it would need to be rather sizeable. But it isn’t out of the realm to think that’s coming. Yellowstone National Park is keeping the volcano warning level the same, which is normal. This means they feel citizens shouldn’t fear the worst. Clearly, being we are preppers, we don’t always share such sentiment.

Yellowstone Volcano Prepper Guide

Being prepped for a Yellowstone eruption is not being paranoid, it is simply being precautionary. No one is advising you to move your life across the country, more telling you that a few simple purchases could help you position yourself in the best possible situation to survive if SHTF with that magma chamber.

First and foremost, have a bug out bag. I can’t encourage people enough on this. Hurricane Harvey and the imminent Hurricane Irma have both exposed how many people don’t have a bug out bag ready to go. Folks, it is easy and cheap to put a bug out bag together, there is no excuse in not having one.

I would also recommend masks for you and your children’s faces. Anything to cover them so that you can filter out the raining ash. If you are within 50 miles of the eruption zone, you are sure to get inundated with life threatening ash that will make breathing almost impossible. Being able to breath will allow you to begin the evacuation process. It should be the first thing you put on. That bug out bag list as some good recommendations for cheap ones. Make sure you have water filter and back up water to take on the run.

Most of all, have an evacuation plan right now. Know where you intend to drive. And share that plan with other family members and friends. Being prepared is not the same as being paranoid. Get a plan for SHTF. There are lessons to be learned from these recent hurricanes.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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