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Zero Tolerance 0180 Hinderer Fieldtac G10 Knife Review

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Zero Tolerance 0180 Hinderer Fieldtac G10 Knife Review

Zero Tolerance 0180 Hinderer Fieldtac G10 Knife

This Rick Hinderer-inspired Fieldtac Knife is impressive as heck. It has a pretty short blade and overall length relative to other fixed blades. In this Zero Tolerance Hinderer FieldTac knife review, you will also see that the impressive size comes at a lighter typical weight. The blade will cut through virtually anything and is made of incredibly high quality. This knife has a superior handle and is full-tang.

The downside? It is commonly sold out. It could be that the Zero Tolerance Hinderer FieldTac is that sought after. It could be that the supply is low. And it could be the manufacturer trying to make us want it more. But maybe it is a combination of all three. As of the date of this Hinderer Fieldtac review, it was sold out on Amazon.

If you have your heart set on this knife, you could add it to your Amazon list and hopefully, you get alerted as to when it is in stock. Otherwise, head over to my best fixed blade survival knives review page and choose from a whole slew of other great fixed blades. Yes, I put the Fieldtac on my best list, but it isn’t the absolute best, so if you are just browsing, you can find some better options.

Zero Tolerance Manufacturer

Zero Tolerance is a popular and reliable knife manufacturer. They tend to manufacturer higher quality knife experiences and as seen above, they can commonly be out of stock. They also make gear, but most of that is just product that advertisers their company name and logo. They are a trusted knife maker with a history of making superior products.

Zero Tolerance Hinderer FieldTac Specifications

Zero Tolerance Hinderer FieldTac Knife Review

  • Full Tang
  • Comes with sheath
  • Handle made of G10
  • Blade length is 4.2 inches
  • Overall knife length is 9.2 inches

Hinderer FieldTac Knife Blade

The FieldTac knife comes out of the box sharp, so be warned. Also, the blade length is short. Compared to the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro, which is 4.8 inches in length, it is considerably less blade. Here’s the thing, however, a shorter fixed blade can be great and serve a lot of more fine purposes. For example, carving twigs and sticks is easier with a shorter blade that allows you to be more nimble with your movements. The Ultimate Pro is a big blade to be moving around in fine carving motions. It really comes down to what you would prefer (I prefer having a shorter and longer fixed blade on me when I’m outdoors). The shorter blade makes chopping down a tree a more difficult task, clearly. But the blade itself is sharp and capable of cutting through darn near anything.

The blade steel is made from Vanadis 4 Extra powder metallurgical cold work. If you aren’t sure what this means, it means that the knife’s blade is highly chip resistant. It will take much longer to wear the blade down. It will take much longer to wear down the FieldTac knife’s blade edge. You can perform lots of task without having to sharpen it. Knives use this type of blade steel to achieve a superior quality. While this isn’t as good as VG10 steel, it is very solid stuff. This blade also has a tungsten DLC non-reflective coating.

This is also a full-tang blade, meaning the blade runs from the point and through the handle. This allows you to use the knife for hammering and pummeling. Full tang knives are simply superior quality.

Hinderer FieldTac Knife Handle

The G-10 handle is used to help achieve the knife’s lightweight feel. This knife, although presenting a smaller blade, still should weigh more than it does. When you first pick it up you are immediately shocked by how light it feels. The handle feels extremely secure when you squeeze your hand around it. It definitely doesn’t feel like you could lose grip performing tasks. I’ve honestly not performed a lot of rigorous tasks with it, but it sure feels like it would stick to the hand rather well.

In conclusion, this knife is really super impressive. It is the perfect weight and size for performing so many camping and hunting tasks. I also think that its shorter size and lighter weight can make it a candidate for an EDC fixed blade knife. That’s certainly something you can consider. I didn’t have a sheath section like I commonly do in my fixed blade knife reviews, and that’s because the Hinderer FieldTac sheath is not worth mentioning. But we don’t buy knives for their sheaths, so I didn’t want to make a spectacle out of that.

Author: Jim Satney

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