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Zimbabwe Bans Public Gatherings Amid Cholera Outbreak

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Zimbabwe Bans Public Gatherings Amid Cholera Outbreak

Officials in Zimbabwe have banned people from gathering in the country’s capital of Harare. The move is an attempt to contain the recent cholera outbreak that’s already killed 21 people in the region.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba told citizens in the city to “take heed” of the warning. Zimbabwe has 3,000 suspected cases of cholera.

“The government has declared the cholera outbreak in Harare a state of emergency, meaning that it is also a threat to human security,” Charamba said.

Cholera is transmitted via unsanitary water systems, an issue that Zimbabwe tends to have in spades. The country has a plethora of dilapidated homes that don’t have proper running water. Its a recipe for an outbreak environment.

Many of the wells being used around Harare have tested positive for cholera bacteria.

Cholera Outbreak – Zimbabwe State Of Emergency

Two days ago, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo declared a state of emergency in Harare.

The bacteria bacterium Vibrio cholera causes cholera. It is often found in food and water sources of unsanitary regions. Cholera can kill a person within hours of infection. Treatment is typically incredibly effective so long as that treatment is sought with urgency.

Cholera was responsible for 10,000 deaths in Zimbabwe 10 years ago.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took office after former President Robert Mugabe was removed militarily, took to Twitter and said that Zimbabwe is seeking to “contain the outbreak.”

Zimbabwe’s Economic Woes Fuel Cholera Outbreaks

Mugabe is often blamed for Zimbabwe’s current economic dysfunction. Accusations of corruption remain a centerpiece of Mugabe’s legacy as President of Zimbabwe. The economic woes of the nation are fuel for illness outbreaks which are otherwise easily contained.

Zimbabwe is currently one of the lowest ranking countries in the world in concern with economic welfare.

Amnesty International blames Zimbabwe’s recent Cholera outbreak on a failure in clean water sanitation management.

Cholera, like many illnesses, thrives on poor sanitation.

In many ways, epidemics such as cholera are an indication of deeper community struggles, such as abject poverty and lack of education.

Photo by CDC Global Health

Author: Jim Satney

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